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Old 01-07-2018, 09:20 AM
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I am back home from a great trip to the South Store. Previous posters have given great summaries so I don’t have too much to add. I will say that I am surprised more IHC Field Grades weren’t purchased; they seemed to have a lot of correct metal, but I did not see a single IHC stock on any of them. I picked up a IHC Field Grade that is correct except for the stock, gas plug, and trigger group. The ME and TE were the best of the bunch that day, a 1+ and 2 respectively. I had no intention of buying a Chromed M1, but I found one that I just had to have…3.4M SA with an original 1/45 barrel, lockbar sights with an ME=1 and TE=4…I still can’t believe I bought it, but am glad I did.

I just want to echo what others have said about fellow customers and CMP staff – great people. Mike, Chad, Bridgett, and Dauphine (or was that Dixie – inside joke) behind the counter were extremely helpful to me and other customers. They are humble given their extensive knowledge and are clear and firm when customers stray out of the protocall lines. They show infinite patients answering the same questions over and over when fielding phone calls. And fellow customers are a classy lot; my top example from this trip is that I saw Rob 30-06 find a really nice Field Grade Winchester M1D that he put his name on, but was quick to hand it to another customer when they were looking for one.

Finally, the sling bin was replenished on Saturday. I picked up a few nice ones. Notably, I picked up 4 that have “MRT” and a 1960’s date stamped on the metal end tab rather than ink on the webbing itself.
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