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Old 02-08-2019, 11:45 AM
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Default FS: Jan. 1943 Inland M1 Carbine with rare Type 4 stock

PHOTO LINK 1 (40 PICS): https://imgur.com/a/Qf5aZ0A
PHOTO LINK 2 (26 PICS): https://imgur.com/a/YfB2QW1
For sale is an Inland M1 Carbine ser# 222478. Original barrel dates to January 1943. This is import marked with one of the lightest and tiniest import markings from Arlington Ordnance in Alexandria, VA. I almost missed it. Receiver and barrel are the original finish. The parts breakdown is as follows:
RECEIVER- Ser# 222478. Original finish with very light (looks like original factory) stake mark on rear sight dovetail.
STOCK- Inland Type 4. Marked HI in sling well. This is a very hard stock to come by. A piece of wood was added to the side. I donít know why. Otherwise, the stock is solid and in great condition with no cracks. Very nice crossed cannons Ordnance cartouche on the right side. It is original. No other markings and NO rebuild markings. Stock has not been sanded down. This stock would be perfect for a Hand Stamp late Inland!
HAND GUARD- Type 2. Winchester marked with a W and a 3. No cracks.
RECOIL PLATE- Type 2. Marked D.I.
BUTT PLATE- Late Inland
BARREL- Inland dated 1-43. Muzzle wear is 0.95 and the bore and rifling are excellent. Tiny import mark on underside of barrel.
BOLT- National Postal Meter (NPM). Type 2. Marked N 15.
FIRING PIN- National Postal Meter (NPM). Type 1. Marked N-N.
EXTRACTOR- National Postal Meter (NPM). Type 3. Marked I-N.
TRIGGER HOUSING- Inland. Type 3. Refinished and logo is light.
HAMMER- Inland. Type 3. Marked H.I. The I is cut off. Typical of late Inland hammers.
TRIGGER- Inland. Type 2. Marked R.I.
SAFETY- Type 4. Post War flip
SEAR- Unmarked. Type 1. Correct for Saginaw S.G.
MAGAZINE CATCH- National Postal Meter (NPM). Type 2A. Marked SN.
SLIDE- Inland. Type 3. Marked PI underlined.
REAR SIGHT- Type 1. Unmarked. Correct for Inland. Most likely a repro.
FRONT SIGHT- Type 2. Wartime replacement. Marked P.
BARREL BAND- Unmarked Type 3. Post war rebuild.
SLING- Type 2. Olive-Drab color. Original WW2 sling. The changeover was mid-1943.
OILER- Correct II marked for early Inland.
MAGAZINE- Type 3 marked SEY. 30 round. Correct for Inland and Winchester. This ONLY goes with the carbine if it is allowed in your state! Otherwise no magazine is included.
This is a nice original finish receiver and barrel. Tiny import mark could be removed easily. All parts are Inland or lent to Inland. I am pricing it higher than a normal import marked piece due to the rare stock. The Type 4 stocks are henís teeth (really rare!)
$SOLD! plus actual shipping. I do NOT charge over my cost to ship! The first "I'll take it" posted here and followed up with an IMMEDIATE email to me at dogfacesupply@gmail.com gets it. That email must have your information, the way you want to pay, and a zip code of your C&R or shop it is going to. I take USPS money orders, discreet Paypal gift, or credit cards plus 3.5% of the total. I am an 01 FFL. Cross posted. Time stamp rules. I WILL sell to California. I am all set up to do so. Please email me at dogfacesupply@gmail.com to learn the actual California C&R FFL laws.
I had 68 100% positive feedbacks on here.

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