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Old 09-21-2010, 04:55 PM
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Default Fun with the 853.....2 pics...

Well...trigger is horrible but the rifle is VERY accurate...seems a bit underpowered...Shot a stale marshmallow at about 20 feet...penetrated about 5/8".....In the rifle's defense, that marshmallow was pretty stale...not hard as a rock, but just inedible.. No deformation at all on pellet..

Also shot a scrap piece of aluminum gutter leader from about 10 feet away...made a good dent, but no penetration....

Any way to get these going faster, say around 625 fps....? I know, prolly not, but it would be nice if they were snappier...

Going to do some accuracy tests tomorrow...have about 4 types of pellets to test....from crappy Crossmans, up to R10's......

Its my 11 year old's first air rifle, and we sighted it in on a bench ...He was hitting cherry tomatos, acorns & marshmallows with every shot....(Check out that wound channel on that marshmallow...I cut it open on top to see a birds eye view of the ballistic carnage........thats my boy!!)

stay tuned...

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Old 09-21-2010, 10:17 PM
TactTm1 TactTm1 is offline
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Looks like the avg is around 400 fps, so even changing pellets won't get to 600; but I hear you onthe extra velocity being nice to have. Punching paper or clay pigeons is about it at that speed.

Daisy 853 Velocity Results
H&N MatchRWS
MeisterkugelnAverage Velocity416420392Standard Deviation8.184.076.22Highest432426400Lowest403408381Extreme Spread291819Weight7.98.098.3Energy3.03.22.8

(((sotrry that chart didn't come out to well on the post. Here is the link where I got it. http://www.airguns.net/reviews_daisy853.php

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Old 09-22-2010, 08:43 AM
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Location: New Yorkistan
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Agreed.....Its a first rifle for my boy, and we got tired of "Red Rider" accuracy.....These 853's might not be good for pest control, but thats not why I got it...My boy loves the fact that he can hit what he's aiming at...he's a great shot... He's a lefty, and was having some difficulty with the safety...Safety works, just awkward for a lefty...

In your opinion, from the rifle's penetration performance above, do you think it got "skipped over" the rebuild at CMP?
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