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Old 02-23-2021, 08:02 AM
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Probably popular because, at close range, it drops a deer like a lightning strike, but it does have its disadvantages. Many are under the misconception that "you can't miss with a shotgun". This statement is simply not true. Careful aim is required and all shot has a high potential of some pellets hitting unintended targets. The rule of thumb for an IC choked shotgun was one inch spread for every yard to the target. Hard to keep all of an older 00 buck on the silhouette of a B27 target at 25 yards. The newer reduced recoil 00 Buck reduce the basic loading (2.75) from 9 to 8 pellets and advancements in buffering/loadings shrink groups by at least 1/3. #4 Buckshot (which is not #4 shot) is .24 and is usually loaded 26 pellets per (2.75) shotshell. It was a staple for several prominent agencies for many years, and had a pretty good reputation for ending armed conflict. Fact is 00 Buck is the most common least expensive “buckshot” you will find (when we are not in a panic buying mode) making it the default choice of most.
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