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Old 07-12-2018, 10:04 AM
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Ted and Art,
I have several M1A, M14, M21 and LR25/AR10 .308/7.62 auto loaders and none need small base die sized cases to function. I used small base dies back in the 70's with my first (L&H Gun/ Devine) M1A, but found I did not need them, and have not used them in decades. So, no issues with Springfield, Armscorp, Fulton. DPMS chambers, nor Anderson 308 AR barrels, or the ones rifles I've chambered myself (PTG reamer) in using standard dies. So, if anything, this setup is the exception and not the rule.
And for the record now, I believe the BULA headspace is closer to 1.636 or 1.637 as the bolt almost closes on the Forster field gauge. The headspace issue alone is a concern.
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Old 07-12-2018, 11:15 AM
nf1e nf1e is offline
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I am sure you will figure it out with the suggestions made in your thread.
There are so many variables going on here, my thought was to start with good commercial ammo and work on up from that point.
Good luck, with the help you have received things should start to percolate.
Semper Fi
Sgt USMC 66 -72
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Old Yesterday, 12:55 PM
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I think Art's suggestion is a good one, at least for peace of mind and to narrow down the variables. Try a known good commercial cartridge. Perhaps you are the 'lucky' one but I and several guys I know have the Bula 22" NM barrels. All are tack-drivers and there are no issues.

I'm with you on the small base die issue. I'm using RCBS Competition dies (standard) and am getting as many or more reloads as people I know that use the small base dies. I have never had any issues that might indicate a need for a small base die. Ain't broke, so I don't plan on fixin' it.
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