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Old 03-11-2018, 08:04 PM
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Thanks Jim,

Yep, I've got TM 9-2200 on .pdf, and you're correct, paragraph 17 (page 32) has a pic of the M1903A4 with the Lyman Alaskan clear as day. Here's where I got mine:

When I mounted the scope, I didn't think about whether the turret was in front or behind the ring. I just mounted it where it felt comfortable. But good point about being able to clear the safety. I'll make the necessary adjustment.

Thanks again fellas. I appreciate everyone taking the time to share their knowledge about this rifle. It's been a great help!



Originally Posted by JDGaynor View Post
Cavtanker, as you are undoubtedly aware the Lyman Alaskan can be mounted with the W/E turrets between the rings or forward of the front ring as Jack Hammer mentioned.

I would suggest you try it both ways and make a decision based on your perception of the eye relief from the position you are likely to be shooting from (i.e. Prone).

FWIW there is only one OFFICIAL photograph of an A4 with an M73 Scope (Lyman Alaskan) mounted. It was originally published in TM 9-2100 in Oct 1943. There are several features about the A4 which leads me to believe that the Alaskan was really the preferred scope for the A4. It was just unfortunate that Lyman was unable to deliver them on a timely basis so we wound up with the little Weaver 330C as a substitute (M73B1).

If you would like a copy of the Manual photograph send me a PM with your email address.

BTW if you are planning on participating in the CMP Vintage Sniper Games one advantage of the forward mounting of the scope is that the rifle's SAFETY remains operable.

Good Luck.

US Air Force Contractor
US Army Retired
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