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Old 06-19-2017, 09:40 PM
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As far as feedback I'd call it a historic disaster, however one that should have been avoided.

200 went well. However some targets were down to start due to the pit crew ripping the cables out.

The switch over for 300 was delayed but they did a good job keeping us informed.

At 300 Relay one resulted in a handful of refires, relay 2 was a hot mess and the match was called around 11:30. There was apparently no paper targets or a back up plan.

The pitcrew was apparent untrained and unsupervised even after the first time they damanged the targets.

A lot of people left disappointed, including myself but more importantly there were several people there that were new shooters or old shooters trying the etargets that will now be soured to them.

Bluntly, this was not a failure of the etargets or was a leadership failure. Untrained staff should never have been trusted with this equipment. An EIC match should never have been treated like a "dry run" for the CMP cup games matches. Most importantly there should have been paper targets ready as back up.

It seemed more important that we be done before noon and shoot on the etargets then it was to finish an EIC Match. The CMP ladies and the Target tech did their best to keep things running, Mark was nowhere to be found once the problems started.

CMP's silence on the issue is not helping.
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