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Old 11-12-2020, 02:42 PM
J.W.A. J.W.A. is offline
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Originally Posted by Ben Tolson View Post
J.W.A. you are correct about the mags functioning. It was Walter Loadwick who obtained the "surplus" tooling originally from Winchester, reproducing the magazines with the "W" logo. Wisner's obtained tooling and manufacturing rights in 2010. Although Leroy sort of "retired" back in 2008, but still operates Twin Pine Armory in Adna, Wa. when he's not fishing. The "W" magazine bodies are now manufactured by Portland Metal Fabrication on contract. Final fit & finish are done at the Wisner shop. LeRoy's son, Jim, a highly respected gunsmith & part maker in his own right. His shop is Wisners Inc and sits right next to LeRoy's. All parts are sold thru this shop. Jim's wife runs the office and answers the phone.... she's all business. They sell the reproduction Winchester magazines directly for $20.

Here's the contact info for both:
Twin Pine Armory
P.O. BOX 58 Adna, WA 98522-0058
Phone: (360) 748-4590

Wisners Inc.
web page: Wisnersinc.com
Mail: PO Box 58, Adna, Washington, 98522 USA.
Phone (360) 748-4590

Thanks for the extra insight and contact info.

Best Regards,

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Old 11-16-2020, 07:06 PM
Calfed Calfed is offline
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Here is what the 52B and 52D looked like before I scoped them. The Vaver sight on the B is amazingly smooth and fine.

The D came with a Redfield Olympic

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Old 11-16-2020, 07:41 PM
Ben Tolson Ben Tolson is offline
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Wittek-Vaver sights are fine works of art. If they have been taken care of, will function flawlessly and give a shooter amazing results. If they have been neglected and there's any hint of rust in the workings, will cause frustration, anger and sorrow (as parts are literally "unobtainium"). I've experienced both extremes with them.
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Old 11-17-2020, 03:11 PM
Calfed Calfed is offline
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Thanks, Ben! The Vaver that came with my 52B is smooth and rust-free.

I went ahead and measured the groups on my target I posted earlier...(@ 50 yards)

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Old 12-30-2020, 12:34 AM
Calfed Calfed is offline
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Location: California
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Shot a 100 yard match with my 52D and Lapua Polar Biathalon. Wind was light-to-moderate, varying from about 9 o'clock to 2 o'clock.

10 rounds .945"

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