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Old 08-01-2022, 06:34 PM
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Default 7/31 Store Report

Sunday 7/31 got there at 7:45am. I was 6th in line out of about 16 ppl at opening. No line jumpers. CMP Staff made us aware that they were on high alert and ready for those turd buckets if they tried it again. Entry at 8:29 with no incidents.

8 SG's at opening and a few more added during afternoon restock. All were within SG specs. a couple were 4 and 5 TE, most were 2/2. I saw one 2/1 and one 0/0. Most all were WW2 receivers with replacement barrels. One of them had a 12-41 barrel(not original to the receiver) and one had a 1967 Winchester script barrel. No HRA's but at least one post war SA. Some were reparked receivers. I recall seeing only one original WW2 BR combo. None had visible pitting that I could see. No markings or rebuild stamps on the wood.

The 0/0 was if I recall correctly a 6 digit SA Danish and it had a mint condition VAR barrel and decent walnut Danish disc cut out stock.

Only one had CMP wood. The rest were USGI.

I apparently spotted the SG rack first and got there first and glanced at all the tags and scooped up the Dane, and held if for a few minutes looking at it, but it just didn't speak to me. It was hard to set down that new condition VAR barrel, but I'm glad I did because fortunately after about 5 or so minutes a customer set down a 5.8m SG with 1944 barrel TE-2 ME-1 and I ended up buying that one. Funny thing is that the armorer wrote the numbers backwards on the blue tag so it appeared that the Muzzle was a 2 and the TE was a 1, which I found out was backward when I used my gauges on it. My new SG has a nice receiver with original finish and no pitting. The barrel is in new condition. Post War SA trigger group and a mix of SA parts and USGI wood. Stock has very light lockup so I will probably change it out. Gas cylinder assembly has the famous CMP black paint on it, which all things considered looks way better than a worn finish gas cylinder.

Pictures soon.

They had quite a few IHC Rack Grades and Rack Plus's which were not for me so I didn't really look much.

Also about 4-5 WRA rackers in poor shape, one with a WRA barrel but it swallowed my muzzle gauge.

Lots of complete cleaning kits for Garand for $40 including WW2 plastic oiler, Carbine Oilers for $30. Nickel plated oilers for $40. USGI WW2 slings for $25 unmarked and $40 marked but they all seemed to have varying degrees of rust and dirt.

Lots of leather slings but most appeared to be strictly display and one was pretty dry rotted. I saw one or two really minty ones and they were around $100 each.

M1 C's rounded out the list. Also not for me.

They restocked the SG's around 12:15-12-30 so I suppose if you were looking for IHC rackers or SA SG's you might have gotten lucky on Sunday, but otherwise no SA/HRA rackers. There were still 4 SG's in the rack when i checked back again at 2pm before leaving for home.

They had a box of stocks on a table for 75 each. Probably about 20 or more. I saw a very nice SA rebuild stock but it was moderately sanded so I put it back. Right before leaving I saw an IHC stock with some buggering(chipped wood) at the buttplate area but it was an unsanded mid 1952 julian date with clear DAS, Proof P and half moon repair biscuits on both sides of the buttstock. I bought it. I think a nice buttplate will help hide the damage and I've seen that type of damage before so it's not uncommon i think. They had a couple of really excellent condition unmarked birch and also nice walnut. They were not all lookers and not many had even a proof mark, but if someone really needs a stock, he would have no trouble finding a real nice one worth $75.

With rifle purchase, they had creedmore 30-06 limit 200, and Creedmore carbine ammo limit 2,000 rounds. They also have criterion carbine barrels and some .308 Garand barrels.

I left a happy camper. Did not think I'd be able to get a SG this year. I was hoping for a SA Rack Grade, but $850 SG was nice.

(Edit) Stripped this rifle down today. It's extremely dirty. Like caked with dark greasy grime everywhere on the inside of the receiver and on and inside the bolt. Haven't got to the bore yet but I may have my work cut out for me. The receiver and barrel have excellent original finish though so I'm sure they will turn out fine.

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