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Old 05-08-2020, 11:30 AM
SUPERX-M1 SUPERX-M1 is offline
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Default Scope mounts for rifles d&t only for long tube scopes

Post on Rimfire Central says Ken Vianni no longer makes his wonderful bases. I have no specific info on this.

Ultramag on above site made base for M37 using Weaver rail.

Steve Earle site has a variety of bases that might work or give ideas.

There are other sites and posts that go into possible solutions.

It would be appreciated if those who know would post their solutions, links et al
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Old 07-20-2020, 12:32 PM
SUPERX-M1 SUPERX-M1 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: ohio
Posts: 107
Default Using epoxy to attach scope mounts to rec or bbl

I have heard that this is done and it is probably very secure. Hopefully so with an expensive scope. Removal is accomplished with brief application of heat gun or propane torch.

Comments appreciated.
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Old 07-20-2020, 06:53 PM
jabbo jabbo is offline
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Originally Posted by Phrogpilot View Post
Any USGI .22 cal rifle is collectible and will be devalued with most modifications...
Yup. The M12 is not pretty...itís not anywhere near as cool looking as a Springfield M2, a Winchester 52C or 52D, or a Remington 40X or 40XB....

But...Iím not a competitive shooter, but my best 10 round group at 100 yards was about 3/4Ē using a CMP M12 - and I have all the above mentioned rifles. Maybe I was just lucky that day.

Jusí sayiní....
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Old 07-30-2020, 09:40 PM
Mwieczorek Mwieczorek is offline
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You can't buy a new M12 stock, but you CAN buy a new Winchester 52 stock in any configuration you want from Richard's Microfit. You'll have to do a little work with the Dremel and move a screw hole, but you can make a pretty good position rifle out of an M12 if you do the work. New adjustable butts are available from several sources (including Ebay), and UIT (aka Anschutz) rail can be purchased from Champion's Choice and McGee's.

You can do all this work to a new stock and just put your old stock away for when you decide to sell the rifle.

Just some thoughts...
CMP GSM Master Instructor
NRA Level 1 Smallbore/Air Rifle Coach
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