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Old 10-04-2019, 05:27 PM
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Default Did You Carry A 1911 or 1911A1 in the service.

Interesting topic. Nate said he would share, as will I.

Well not exclude civilian use, add as appropriate.

Keep this thread clean, we don't need it deleted.

In 1985 I was assigned to a Personnel Service Company in Korea.

Two months later, I was made the First Sergeant. We had M16A2 rifles for everyone, and two 1911 pistols. Basic load of ammo for both in a bunker that we needed to inspect every month.

The TO&E said the pistols were for the CO and XO.

As a new company, we had never went to the field. CO told me we need to schedule a field exercise. Well I did four in the two years. Three days at a time, with rear people to take care of emergency leaves, and orders.

CO said I needed to carry the .45, as we did not have an XO. Yes sir. We never fired the pistols those two years, but did wipe them down with oil. We both also carried our M16s in the field.

Fun days in the Army in the mid 80s. Yes, everyone got to go to zero their weapon, and qualify with the M16s. Except the CO and 1SG on the .45 pistols.

Post your stories.
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Old 10-04-2019, 05:48 PM
sachst sachst is online now
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Yep- 78 to when I deployed to the gulf. Got the first (and only) M9 in the brigade, Which caused the brigade commander to have a little jealous hissy fit. The 1911a1 I had in 78 in Korea was great for quick d&a...turn it over and shake it hard enough, it would fall apart. The grease guns we still had were in much better shape. First tour at Campbell as a co. CO, I had a gorgeous RR that was so pristine, I would sneak out a "rubber ducky" out to the field, so it remained pristine. That changed when I got treed by a rabid raccoon. Thereafter, I always carried a mag with my "Barney Fife" bullet. One must be prepared!
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Old 10-04-2019, 06:31 PM
RHScott RHScott is offline
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1911a1s. Scout plt TOE called for drivers and gunners to have pistols. Went to BnHq and got pistols again in the S3 shop.
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Old 10-04-2019, 09:47 PM
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Old 10-04-2019, 10:33 PM
Dingsbums Dingsbums is offline
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Model 15-1
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Old 10-04-2019, 10:58 PM
weimar_police weimar_police is offline
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US Army Military Police 1980-2000
Carried 1911a1 and M9
However I carried the 1911a1 the most, daily duty weapon at Fort Polk, La, then Hawaii at the 25th for three months, then Field Station Kunia. Korea I carried one periodically as desk sergeant but most of my duties were pistol less.
Europe we had the 1911a1 for about six months or less and then received the M9 in 1993.
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Old 10-04-2019, 11:10 PM
Louisxllx Louisxllx is offline
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For about an hour on guard duty in 1981. I was issued a NM1911A1 with seven rounds of 230 grain match ammo. We were guarding a U-Haul full of National Match M14s and M1911A1s. It was the day the Pope got shot.

I was attached to the First Army Area Marksmanship Unit Composite Rifle Team and we were on our way to Ft. Benning for the All Army Matches.

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Old 10-05-2019, 07:43 AM
WarBaby1942 WarBaby1942 is offline
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Default Carried a 1911A1

1961-64 in Military Police from Ft. Benning garrison MP to the mountains in Alaska as security at a Nike Hercules missile site. Also armed with and carried an M2 carbines or M3A1 sub gun or Winchester Model 12 shotgun. Oscar/NC
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Old 10-05-2019, 07:45 AM
nate nate is offline
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I was a Huey crew chief in the 82nd Aviation Battalion at Ft Bragg and every month on payday one of the company officers had to be pay officer and someone had to be pay guard and someone had to get a truck from the motor pool and be driver. I had pay guard duty so I met the pay officer who was one of our pilots and we talked about what we were going to do and he told me to go up to the arms room and get two pistols. I got two pistols but we didn’t have any ammunition so I checked B company and they didn’t have any ammo either so I checked with HQ company and they had six rounds. They didn’t want to let me have any of their ammo but the finally loaned me two rounds, so the pay officer had one round in his pistol and I had one.
We went to the finance office and picked up the money, payroll was $18k new bills and it was in a paper bag. We worked at Simmons Army Airfield so we headed for the airfield and on the way we talked about the ammo situation which was typical and he said “ tell you what we will do, if more than two people come after this money we will just give it to them”. He was a Texan and a great guy and had the Texas accent which was very much like a Tarheel from Western NC.
People who never experienced military service have the idea that everybody goes around armed and you have lockers full of ammo and shoot a lot but it “ain’t so”. Some things stick in your memory.
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Old 10-05-2019, 08:06 AM
Rich/WIS Rich/WIS is offline
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Was my issue weapon (when issued weapons) for most of my 20 years, carried it in an M9 holster I found when we were cleaning out after my battalion (101st Ord) shut down while in ROK. Clipped the mag pouch to the chest strap so when I dropped my web gear the pistol stayed with me. Always qualified as expert. Retired just as the Beretta was being issued and never carried or shot one.

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