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Old 03-29-2020, 04:33 PM
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Default Component ID Help for 1945 Remington Rand

Howdy Guys,
I received from the CMP, a 1945 Remington Rand M1911A1 (slide and receiver) with a rebuild marking of ANAD 7 76. However, I need the help of you M1911 / M1911A1 gurus to identify four of the components as correct or a rebuild component. These components are the trigger, hammer, main spring housing, and left grip panel.
Would you guys have a look and let me know if correct or if it’s a rebuild component, the possible manufacturer.
Thanks to all for your review and assessments.
Best regards,

* Hammer

* Trigger – Milled or Stamped?

* Main Spring Housing

* Grip Panel (left w/ large ring, number 9 at intersection of horizontal and vertical ribs)

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Old 03-29-2020, 05:11 PM
thebearpack thebearpack is offline
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Looks like a milled trigger, probably Colt, that wouldn't have been original.

Colt manufacture large ring grip, not original to the gun.

Looks like it might be a USS MSH. Regardless, it's not original to that gun.

Colt wide spur hammer, also not original.

Thanks for the thread merge, Big Red! OP, those parts would probably have been added during a post-war rebuild when WWII components were plentiful as opposed to the 1976 rebuild at Anniston.

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