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Old 11-12-2019, 10:42 AM
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Default WTS Low Number M1903 with 9/42 USMC Sedgley barrel

Up for sale is a low number M1903 with a 9/42 USMC Sedgley barrel. This one is really interesting to me as the only real USMC trait is the Sedgley barrel. Though the serial is a close hit in the SRS to a USMC hit.

This rifle does not have the vise marks on the barrel or the Hatcher hole that you would commonly see on the Sedgley barrels, but I think there might be two different explanations for this. The Marines did put together some M1903's at field depots so that is a possibility, or the other possibility is the Marines turned over a large number of parts and spare barrels to the Navy in Jan 1944.

This rifle serial number is 449703. There is a close hit to a USMC rifle about 80 digits off in the SRS at:

449620 072031USMC - NICARAGUA

I do not think this rifle is a put together, nor do I think this is a bent and straightened barrel.

I personally do not think many of the 1942 Sedgley barrels could have been turned over loose to the Navy as the likely hood of them being used was pretty great. So my personal feeling is, this is more likely to be Marine built than Navy, but the Navy is a possibility. But with having a close hit to a USMC serial, I do think it is likely to be a USMC Rifle.

The stock does have a San Antonio rebuild mark, but the Marines started to give away their M1903's to anyone who would take them after Feb 1943. The Navy did the same post 1945. A lot of M1903's by both branches found their way into the Army post WWII to be sold thru the NRA.

The bore is excellent and the Muzzle is a .05ME.

I have shot this rifle before and it shoots great. But do your research on the low numbers so you can decided for yourself.

The only real flaw to this rifle, the handguard was cracked but glued and repaired. That is the only real negative I see to this rifle.

I'm looking for $700 plus shipping. Which is mostly the sum of the parts. The Sedgley barrels bring almost half that on ebay and the Scant stock is mint. Shipping is usually $30 to $40 for priority with insurance. Payment can be by a postal money order or paypal if you cover the 3% they charge for regular payment. Or send it friends and family with no fees.

First I'll take it get it's rules. Any questions just ask.

Link to pics:

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