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Old 10-29-2012, 02:20 PM
brassrat brassrat is offline
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Default 10-26-12 report (kimber 82 mission)

My son and I went to the South Store with a friend of mine and his son. I was there to pick up a Kimber 82 for myself and my son before they ran out again. I found a dozen or so exquisite Kimbers to choose from and they brought out another dozen or so more while I was there.

My friend and his son picked out two really nice early SG SAs, one Pearl Harbor (Dec 41) and the other (Oct. 40). Both were clean & bone dry inside & out, NO cosmoline, re-barreled SA 1955 (0+ muzzle & 1 throat) with a brand new CMP stock. They should both be good shooters.

We picked through dozens of SG SAs and SG HRAs most of them decent, a lot of them with new CMP stocks. Of course they had full racks of FG rifles, I only saw one with a WW2 stock, but it was pretty beat up and had a 1955 bbl. so I passed.

I also noticed a lot of National Match Barrels & parts on both SG & FG rifles.
They had several bayonets out on a table, and some barreled actions in .308.

I also picked up a couple used Daisy 853 air rifles, they only had about 6 or 8 of these left. I do not know if they have more to bring out or not.

I have been to the North Store 3 times before, but this was my first visit to the South Store ever. I really enjoyed the experience, it was a successful trip and we were all pleased with our purchases!

I cannot wait to shoot my new Kimber 82!!!
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Old 11-04-2012, 02:29 AM
Smal Smal is offline
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Thank you For the Report,I to found LMR barrled national match,barrels etc on many on the trip i took a few weeks ago,also scored a 1944 Rifle with a 44 reciever,barrel,triger group etc,stock with a ria Eb i think it was on the stock,I have two more rifles to break down and examine with national match barrels,The south stores been good to me..

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