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Old 12-24-2012, 04:42 PM
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Default $300 circa 1910 BAKER BATAVIA LEADER double-barrel shotgun $300 FTF in Illinois

$300 FTF in Illinois with valid FOID. Face to face in Illinois would be best.

This is a BAKER BATAVIA LEADER double-barrel shotgun.

This was made between 1909 and 1919, I believe, made in Batavia, New York. Here's what I could find out:
The Baker Gun & Forging Co. had a line of double barrel shotguns, sidelocks, called Batavia guns in 1903. They had, in 1909, "The Baker Gunner," the "Batavia Leader" with twist barrels at $25, the "Batavia Special" with steel barrels at $21.75, the "Batavia Damascus" at $28, the "Batavia Brush" at $24, the "Batavia Ejector" at $35. This gun in the pics is the BATAVIA LEADER as you can see.

The Batavia line did not have the "firing pin block safety" or the "draw block" which passes through the barrel lug and into the frame.

The sidelock "Black Beauty" replaced the Batavia Special, Leader, and Damascus guns about 1916.

The Batavia Leader number series were from 75,000 to about 106,000. This one is 786XX, which puts it in the early days.

Now, Baker Gun & Forging sold the business to H.& D. Folsom in 1919 and then the guns were marked "Baker Gun Co." As this one is not, I assume it is earlier than that. Baker did offer a "Batavia Leader" however. Grades for these Folsom owned Baker Guns were the "Batavia Leader," "Black Beauty Special," "Paragon," "Expert," and "DeLuxe."

Folsom listed the Black Beauty Special for $62 -$77 with ejectors, the Paragon $100 -$115, the Expert for $215, and the DeLuxe for $385. Folsom era Bakers usually have an F before or after the serial numbers 1- about 14,000 so again, I believe this one is before that.

H & D Folsom Arms Co. catalogs No. 23, 25, and 31 (1929-1930) only list the Batavia Leader and Black Beauty Special. By 1932 they had no more Baker Guns.

Baker Gun Co. was closed in 1930 and the factory started making car parts. About 150,000 Baker guns were produced prior to the Folsom ownership.

So based on the above, I believe this is a 1909 - 1919 gun.

This gun has plenty of wear, and a light patina, and a few little rust spots in the one photo near the forearm. It has some small chips to the wood near the trigger guard. This has a chip to the lower portion of the buttplate and the wood (toe?) at that point of the stock.

This is OLD, and and the info I have found on the internet says that you don't want to shoot a gun this old unless checked by a gunsmith first...an expert gunsmith who knows these old guns and can tell you if it is safe.

We have not shot it and don't intend to. See the pictures for more detail. I believe you can scroll through my PHOTOBUCKET album to see all 21 pics of the gun. You can do this by following this link, and then changing the last 2 numbers from "03" to anything from "01" to "21":


Or just see below for the pics I have loaded here. If you want, shoot me an email and I can email you more pics.

$300 FTF.

Located in Bloomington, Illinois, just like Henry Blake on MASH.
I can drive to Champaign or Decatur or Peoria or Springfield or Pontiac to meet you halfway.
If you want more pictures, please send me your email.
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