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Old 01-06-2019, 02:02 PM
flatlander flatlander is offline
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Remington Rand frame, Colt slide, mix of parts, stampings and SSN hard to make out, the photo's really brought them out. Honestly, not what I would of purchased from my LGS, this is going to be my shooter/truck gun. Glade to have it, value the history:


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Old 01-10-2019, 02:35 PM
cubfanpbrman cubfanpbrman is offline
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Got my CMP Colt from 1945, 1960ish & 1980ish(?).


Serial number is April-June 1945 with 1960s Smith & Wesson barrel and 1980s Israeli Military Slide (TZ), if my research didn't betray me. Don't know much about the TZ slide, wish it was WW2 era of course, but I hear it's worth a bit of money and ready to shoot, but I'll do some digging.

If anyone has access to the $600 Clawson book and could let me know the exact month of my serial number, I will be indebted to you.
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Old 01-15-2019, 11:31 AM
grumpa72 grumpa72 is offline
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Default Got mine an hour ago at local FFL


Sorry for the quick photos. I was in a hurry to get this posted.

I got emailed late yesterday afternoon that my 1911A1 was being shipped. I got called this morning at 11:30 that it was in. I rushed down to the FFL hoping not to get one of those rattle trap mix-masters and low and behold I did. I am SOOOOO disappointed (not).

Ok, seriously, Colt frame, Rem Rand upper and the frame dates to 1943 (guessing first quarter based on serial number sequence). Now to break it down, clean it, inspect the parts for manufacturer and grease and oil this. It is desperately dry! I do have Clawson's small book so IDing things should be easy.

All in all, I am very happy with this so called mixmaster and I really like the look.
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Old 01-15-2019, 07:31 PM
Jav8or Jav8or is offline
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Location: New Mexico
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Hey folks!

Got my RR Slide/Colt frame 1911 today.

However, i thought all pistols would be rebuilds, but found no rebuild marks on my pistol.

Any help?

Also, this bad boy was DRY!

I’m new to 1911’s, so are they supposed to be run that way?


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Old 01-17-2019, 06:52 PM
smithpa68 smithpa68 is offline
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I picked up mine today. RNG 1982. Tag said Remington frame and Ithaca slide, but by the serial number it looks like Ithaca frame. I see the "P" marking on the slide and frame near the mag release. I see what looks like a "4" in the front of the trigger guard. I am not sure what that means. (Colt inspector mark for the trigger guard??) Not many other marks on the outside that are visible.

Didn't have a chance to take it apart yet. Mine is super dry also. But VERY clean. Any interesting input from 1911 experts is welcome.


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Old 01-18-2019, 02:17 PM
Smithengineered Smithengineered is offline
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Default M1911/M1911A1 Picture Thread

Colt frame/slide. I have not had time to tear down. I do not see any anad, AA, date markings on it.

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Old 01-18-2019, 03:04 PM
grumpa72 grumpa72 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Moon Township, PA
Posts: 2,225

That is NICE.

btw, to all, I tore my pistol completely down, cleaned it, lubed it, reassembled it and took it to the range today shooting light loads. The trigger isn't as smooth as my Colt Government so I might try some polishing compound on the "bow" - is that proper nomenclature? Once I got used to the feel of the short trigger and the pull, I started shooting well.


That's a two inch circle with 5 shots arranged around it.

During my tear down, I found that one grip is an original Colt, the right one with the "10" on it. I couldn't find anything in Clawson's book on the left one with the part number until I Googled it and found that it is a US government contract replacement.

The odd thing was some of the gents on the M1911.org forum said they weren't but I did find the actual contract.

Regardless, this is a nice pistol. Shoots really nicely EXCEPT for the TINY SIGHTS. OMG. The modern Colt Government and Commander that I took to the range was easier to shoot because of the wider rear sight and the fatter front sight.

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Old 01-19-2019, 02:04 PM
berwickl berwickl is offline
Join Date: Sep 2018
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Well here's mine... Ithaca frame and Rem Rand slide (Type 3) with a replacement barrel from IMI (TZ 10 on barrel lug) from 1985 (85 below the contract number, 7791193). So WW2 mixmaster but with a newish chrome-lined barrel that I'm not worried to shoot.

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Old 01-22-2019, 07:34 PM
Phillies Phillies is online now
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My CMP 1911 arrived at my FFL last week but wasn't able to pick it up until today. My number was 2127, or something close to that... I received a Remington Rand receiver that dates to 1945 and a COLT replacement slide ? Would that be post WW2 ? And it maybe somebody put their initials on the back of the grip ?

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Old 01-24-2019, 06:36 PM
Chris_B Chris_B is offline
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I never posted this here? I thought I had.
1918 United States Property Colt Model of 1911. Been touched up a bit. Somebody installed a target front sight.
Not a CMP pistol

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