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Old 05-25-2019, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by milprileb View Post
I have made it abundantly clear, even to the most casual observer, that other powders can bring in long range accuracy.
No one is disagreeing with you.

I have a MK 316 clone load that I shoot. Loaded with 4064, although I don't load it to the thousandth of a grain. Shoots beautifully. I usually have over 200 rounds of that loaded and shoot it in many different rifles. 4064 WAS a very popular powder for 308 Palma loads (decades ago), but it no longer is because it is hard to meter and also it is hard to pack the case to get the velocity needed (Lincoln logs). Similarly, many service rifle shooters load their short-line ammo on a progressive, and 4064 doesn't meter well (bridges in the measure and the little 556 case, very hard to get the whole charge into the case). These are practical reasons why other powders, Varget being one of them, have become popular.
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