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Old 12-12-2010, 08:37 AM
abeal abeal is offline
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Originally Posted by Hunter Mag View Post
LOL that is hilarious!! "bring him cookies and beer and he'll be back to your house first next year"
I stand corrected. Black Sabbath, not BOC. BOC had Godzilla, Black Sabbath had Iron Man. Yes, that was the song.
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Old 12-12-2010, 08:54 AM
kilroywashere kilroywashere is offline
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[QUOTE=Hunter Mag;241167]LOL that is hilarious!! "bring him cookies and beer and he'll be back to your house first next year"

LOL I am Santa Claus!

I was also at the north store. Still saving my pennies for another rifle. I want another H & R with an LMR barrel. There were a few there, but I had to stay away to avoid getting into trouble.
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Old 12-12-2010, 09:09 AM
abeal abeal is offline
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Default Pictures

Here is how some of the better SA FG rifles gauged.

The one had a 1945 barrel if I remember right but the barrel picture did not come out.

I haven't seen many Springfields that are not WWII serial numbers or 5.4m or 5.8m, so I took this picture. I think the barrel was 8-54.

Springfield FG stock.

6 digit SA FG.

Not sure what this was on the trigger guard so I took a picture.

Another WWII SA FG with a 45 barrel. I think the barrel was worn out.

Some SA marked stocks. I think most were on SA FGs but the last one might have been one on a Winchester SG, I don't remember.

This is on the stock of the rifle I ended up buying. Should I try to steam out the bullet marks or leave it alone?

Winchester SG.

The nice orange colored HRA SG rifles. Notice the LMR barrels.

What did they do to this barrel?

This is a HRA SG Special ($895). I like those walnut stock. A couple of these had LMR barrels.

The lamp that is being raffled. They will not pick the winner until the National Matches next summer.

Winchester Service Grades. One stock had a little cross cannon cartouche and what looked like the outlines of a SA stamp.

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Old 12-12-2010, 09:13 AM
WIN 342 WIN 342 is offline
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This is on the stock of the rifle I ended up buying. Should I try to steam out the bullet marks or leave it alone?

Dont think they will steam out. Wood grain is damaged. I have an FG stock like that as well.
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Old 12-12-2010, 09:50 AM
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Thanks for the report. I plan to try to visit before they close, weather permitting. The HRA is such a great deal, even with the non-walnut stock.
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Old 12-12-2010, 10:53 AM
topgun topgun is offline
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Abeal,I had that 6 digit SA FG in my hands Thursday..I found 4 SA FG 6 digit Garands that day,but all had shot out barrels...So I went to the back wall and found a very nice SA FG 1.1mm rifle MW under 2 and TE under 3 with a 10-48 dated SA barrel..Brought that one home..Shoots great & was already sighted in..Very nice Walnut stock also..There was only 4 others in the store when I was there Thurs.morning..I also pick up 2 flash hiders, 3 OL & 1 RIA bayonet..
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Old 12-12-2010, 12:10 PM
abeal abeal is offline
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Originally Posted by topgun View Post
I also pick up 2 flash hiders, 3 OL & 1 RIA bayonet..
The flash hiders are all gone from the NS. They have all the bayonets except WT and OL unmodified. Don't remember if they had a OL cutdown or not. I bought a PAL and AFH unmodified and an unissued M5A1 bayonet. Basically they hand you a box and you kind of have the luck of the draw in what you get. I will try to clean up mine today but they are definitely in used condition. Both the AFH and PAL had numbers on the handles - not sure what the significance is. The M5A1 bayonet is very nice and will probably buy another in the future.

A couple more items of interest. This weekend was the junior air rifle matches and they were groups of youngsters that came into the store. I met one group of Naval JROTC from Wheeling, WV. They said the air rifle range was completely full for 3 relays. Good to see such a large group of juniors participating in shooting competitions. I wonder how the power outage affected their matches. I thought it was a 2 day match and it seemed like some were heading home - maybe they drive back and forth every day. It is snowing in Columbus today so I wonder how the weather is affecting them in Port Clinton.

Speaking of air rifles. The NS had both types of Daisy air rifles - with the Monte Carlo stocks and with the normal stocks. They are now both $100 each. Some of the air rifles had JROTC stickers on them. I saw a couple in fairly good condition. Others looked they they had been repainted, at least the metal part of them.

I did not seen any carbine mags at the counter yesterday. I did not ask if they had them. Same with carbine slings. I did look at the M1 Garand stripped receivers. Most are in the 1m - 2m serial number range but I did see two 6 digits. Each receiver had various levels of pitting - only a couple were pretty clean out of about 10-12, the rest had some visible pitting under the park at various locations on the receiver. I did not see any NIW Garand barrels and did not ask about them. They do have the Criterion barrels.

They had both $400 and $600 Kimbers. I only looked at the rusty ones, looking for consecutive serial numbers. The serial numbers ranged from the 2000s to over 16000. I did not look at the stocks too carefully but most had cuts.

In terms of Correct Grade garands, they had both HRA and SA. Two sides of a rack of HRA correct grades, where the SA CGs were on the left wall in one lower rack and one upper rack. I would say they had 15-20 SA CGs and probably around 50 HRA CGs. They did have a few HRA FGs but they looked very rough. They had some rack and field grade Winchesters on the back wall but there were only about 6-7 of each.

So for you guys heading to the NS next week, here is what I would look at when you arrive:
  • The SA Field Grades are ok. Go straight to the rack on the bottom back wall and look there first. The guys at the counter said the new shipment of SA FGs were in pretty good condition and I think most of those are ending up on the back wall. There is also both sides of a rack in the middle but many have been around a while except for the empty slots filled from the day before. The is also a rack of SA FGs on that row of racks facing the counter and that seemed to be where I saw the open box SA stocks.
  • The HRA SGs are in one rack, both sides over on the right side. You can easily spot the orange birch stocks. They are all nice. 4.7m, 5.5m, 5.6m. They must be using yellow hang tags now and most are marked with the muzzle wear and throat erosion. Make sure you work the action since a few stocks were binding on the oprod. The LMR barrels I found were on the left rack, nearest the counter. I am not sure how correct these HRAs are since I did not look at the bolts or other parts.
  • The HRA SG Specials are very nice. They are on the back wall. They have the best CMP replacement stocks - nice walnut. The SA SG Specials are also very nice. Some have been shot but you can probably find one that has barely been shot. A nice alternative to the correct rifles.
  • The Winchester SGs are probably starting to get picked over. Some have nice replacement barrels. I did not see a Winchester barrel in the place. Need to get Orest to send some of those north. Only one Wichester op rod. Some WRA bolts but most of those had a grey like finish that did not match the receiver. I really liked that 101479 receiver - March 1941. Before I knew anything about Garands I ordered a Winchester from the CMP and then later gave it to my father in law for Christmas. A couple of years later when I learned more about Garands, I asked him to show me the Garand and was shocked when I saw the serial number - 101705.
  • The correct grades are over on the left side. Both sides of a rack for the HRA CGs and left wall rack for the SA SGs.
  • Still some drill rifles and NM rifles on the back wall.
  • Some M14 stocks in a plastic trash can over by the barrel rack. Looks like they had around 20-30 and some looked varnished. Not sure if they have 1903 or 1903A3 stocks.
  • You still get a green plastic carrying case when you buy a Garand. I was pleasantly surprised to get one with my SA FG. Normal price for the case is $30.
  • The bayonets are in a glass case up by the counter. They have stacks of bayonet boxes behind the counter.
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Old 12-12-2010, 12:29 PM
topgun topgun is offline
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Yea the guys at the counter told me to go to the back wall also..Thats where I found the SA FG 1.1m..There was also a very nice 5.8mm rifle there but I was looking for WWII type..When I got there Thursday there was 1 WWII flash hider and 6 late flash hiders..Wish I had bought 2 more late flash hiders,they look cool on my Garand.. It was a very nice time there..The guys were very helpful like always..
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Old 12-12-2010, 01:01 PM
kimberman kimberman is offline
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abeal, Just wanted to thank you for the heads up on the rifle. I learned alot on my visit yesterday and definitly happy with the rifle you picked out. When I got home I completly disassembled and cleaned it and found no real wear to worry about although I have not shot it yet. Other than the stock I don't know why it was a Field Grade. Speaking of the stock, I cleaned it with mineral spirits as you suggested and then took an iron to it and was able to remove a lot of the minor charactor marks as well as more of the deep seated oils. So here I sat this morning contimplating what to do with the stock. I read Purple power will completly strip it. Okay so I decided to strip and sand out all the rest of the guages and charactor marks. I had my coat on and was headed out the door to get my tools of destruction when I stopped to look at the old girl one more time. She still has her patina......okay so I decided I'm not a monster and she gets to keep her charactor I guess she earned it. I keep reminding myself I bought it to shoot, I already have a safe queen. So I gave her a good rub with 0000 steel wool to smooth her out and got the first coat of BLO soaking in now. I'm glad I decided to save the original Springfield stock as is.

Thanks again for the education.

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Old 12-12-2010, 04:06 PM
Radionicist Radionicist is offline
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Originally Posted by abeal
This is on the stock of the rifle I ended up buying. Should I try to steam out the bullet marks or leave it alone?
Leave them, most definitely. Those marks belong to that rifle - they authenticate it as USGI, and they are part of what the rifle has been through, in war and peace. When I'm looking for a Field or Service Grade, I give extra interest to stocks with bullet marks.

Thanks for the detailed reports and pictures!

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