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Old 07-11-2018, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by 1903sprfld View Post
when did they stop using the M1 Garand cartridge belts I have one that as far I I can make out is dated either 1956 or 1958
The small arms ammunition cases which were part of the M1956 webgear were designed to carry ammo for a number of the rifles then in use (not just the new M14 rifle) - that included the M1 rifle. That being said, we all know that the military is slow in replacing old gear and field new gear so I would have expected M1923 ammo belts to be in the system well after the standardization of the M1956 gear.
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Old 08-26-2018, 05:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Moammo6 View Post
I think the 1956 LBE (load bearing equipment in Army-speak) was designed for the M14 era and the idea borrowed from the Brits. As a deployed line infantryman during that period, I thought it was the worst in my lifetime. Four full 20-rd mags and four frags precariously hanging from two little belt clips and straps on the frontal waist area. It was supposed to be balanced by an equally heavy butt-pack likewise suspended from the rear shoulder straps. A lot of mass flopping when running, and interfered with proper low-crawling. Who wants to crawl and squeeze thru brush and jungle with 2-4 frag handles and pins exposed at waist level? Oh well, enuf grousing from an old soldier.
No...there is more, beyond the entire M1956 system being awkward and uncomfortable, it incorporated an adaptor to put butt pack on the yoke of suspenders which was unsuccessful. Add to that is the sleeping bag assembly which was a spaghetti array of straps that hung the sleeping bag on your back with straps over your shoulders and secure to loops on front of suspenders.

Taken in total, a full butt pack with poncho secured to it, the sleeping bag hanging and bouncing around on your back, the entire stupidity of M1956 gear set up as describe, I was convinced the North Koreans developed this for us.

As for hanging grenades on sides of M1956 ammo pouches, I abandoned that entirely in Viet Nam and put grenades in canteen covers which held a few securely and protected, easy to access and a better solution entirely.
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