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Old 06-17-2017, 04:37 PM
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Default EIC at Perry, 6-17-17, K-Berg targets: Net Gain.

Net gain.
Definition:The overall improvement observed in some measure after all positive and negative influences have been fully accounted for.

I shot the EIC Match at Camp Perry today, Where the CMP used the Kongsberg acoustic targets on Viale Range for the first time.

We shot 200 standing slow fire and 200 rapid with a couple small issues, including a boat in the impact area.

At 300 yards we all, including the CMP, became aware that some wiring was damaged due to lowering & raising the targets on the stands. The CMP staff kept us informed of attempts to repair.

The first relay fired at 300 with some target issues. After the second relay fired,and continuing issues, it was decided to cancel the rest of the match.

Good call by the CMP . The said they are refunding/crediting our match fee
(our choice), and that this DOES NOT count as firing a EIC Match. VERY professional on there part.

This new technology MUST be tested. Today was that day. I think the "bugs" will get worked out, quickly, with today's test. It already worked at Camp Butner (Eastern Games) last month. It will work at Perry in the near future. I'll be there shooting on these K-Bergs.

I'm glad I got to shoot on Viale Range today. I learn something each time I do.
It was worth my time and effort.
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