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Old 02-01-2010, 05:30 PM
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Default Keep an eye out for this carbine !

About 20 years or so ago I had a really great collection of military rifles. Jap 7.7, Jap 6.5, 4 different British Enfields (including a Mark III No.I in .410 !), Swedish 6.5, Russian M1940 Tokarev, Mosin-Nagant, etc.

I had two favorites a DCM M1 Garand and Winchester Carbine. Things got tuff where I was working at the time and had to start selling them off for silly things like bills, food and such. I'd love to know where these rifles are today. Not to get them back but to see they have a good home. They were SA 5454094 and the Winchester carbine 5552566.

I've got my carbines and Garands now and don't espect to ever sell them but pass them on to my son.
If you have seen these two let me know they are happy.

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