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Old 12-20-2019, 02:57 PM
Dan13 Dan13 is offline
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Default Early Colt 1911 Assemblers Marks

Going through my new Poyer 3rd Edition book brings me to a few questions I have yet to finalize on my new-to-me CMP 1913 Colt 1911 pistol, that I am hoping I can find answers or at least find others who also have these marks:

On the inside of the recoil spring area dust cover on the frame, I have two stamps. One is either a "Y" or a "T" (because it is in a curved area, it could be a "T") and also a elaborate "7" just ahead of that. Of all my research, I have never seen mention of marks in this area. Anyone else have these? Anyone know what they mean?

Also, on top of the disconnector flat spot, I have an "H" and an "R" stamped there. I know the "H" is for Frank Hosmer, the inspector, but the "R" shows to be for Gabriel Rice's factory assemblers mark. The book shows Gabriel Rice was from Serial Number 101 to 30,300 but my 1911 serial number is 33XXX - a little over 3,000 pistols more than the book shows. Error possibly?

Thanks all
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Old 12-20-2019, 03:56 PM
cav_cdr cav_cdr is offline
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Clawson's 'big' book lists Gabriel Rice's 'R' mark used from s/n 101 - 141200. It also lists the '5' stamp in your other post as being used by Jas. Malloy s/n's 101 - 89000. The 'y' (lower case) is listed as used by Axel Liljegren beginning Jun 19, 1914. The 'Y' (upper case) was used by Ackert no s/n range. The 't' (lower case) was used by J.F. Kinnarney also beginning Jun 19, 1914. 'T' (upper case) was used by J.B. Turton s/n's 101 - 50100.

Maybe others have more accurate info.
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Old 12-20-2019, 06:10 PM
Dan13 Dan13 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2019
Posts: 73

That is awesome info - thanks! My Poyer's book states Gabriel Rice only stamped from serial number 101 to 30,300 - must be inacurate as I thought.

As far as the "5" you mentioned, was that on the frame? This one is on the barrel.

The "Y" is upper case, and the frame was shipped out by Colt June 4, 1913, so it must be Ackert's stamp.

Now all we need is what the "7" stands for.

I sure wish I could afford a Clawson Big Book!Thanks again!
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