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Old 01-24-2019, 01:56 AM
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Default Sa markings 1911a1


O.K. so my 1911A1 arrived the other day and I am trying to decipher all of its markings. I have some specific questions about the “SA” markings on the receiver.

The Poyer book 3rd edition page 312 says the “SA” stamp indicates it was rebuilt at Springfield Armory post 1937 and then goes on to say that Springfield Armory rebuilt 1911A1’s for National Match pistols through the 1950’s & 1960’s.

The “coolgunsite” has some images that show this marking along with some text that indicates this “SA” mark is seldom seen on NON-NATIONAL MATCH (normal military pistols) see link below:


A quick search of the CMP Forum and internet reveals nearly every reference to 1911A1 pistols with this “SA” marking are associated with National Match pistols.

This leads me wonder if the “SA” mark on my pistol make it some what unique. My question is, just how unique is this marking, both in terms of this shipment of 8000 CMP pistols, as well as the 1911 collector community at large? How many others have non-National Match “SA” marked 1911A1’s?

In addition to this it appears my pistol was rebuilt again at Anniston Army Depot in November of 1975 as evident by the (ANAD 11 75) stamp.

In addition to this it appears my pistol may have also been repaired or rebuilt again at some point in its life by Colt. According to the Poyer book 3rd edition page 311, pistols repaired or rebuilt at Colt bear a “K” stamped on the right side of the trigger guard. Can anyone confirm “K” stamped on the right side of my trigger guard looks right for this?

I am curious how many others have 1911A1’s that have been rebuilt multiple times like this?

I have not had it apart yet to see what markings may be inside, but I can see it is a 1944 Remington-Rand receiver with a Colt slide. I have not looked up the barrel markings yet to even know what it is. If anyone can identify the barrel, please advise.





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