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Old 02-06-2018, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Calif-Steve View Post
If I recall the 810,000 rule was an insurance policy decision. John Beard really does need to get busy on his book. It will be interesting stuff, indeed.
There is more than enough information on the decision already, there will be no revelations.
More importantly, there haven't been and won't be any more scientific studies done; once the problem was understood and the approximate numbers determined the world moved on.
Could a non-destructive test be developed to confirm one receiver from another; possibly. But the technology didn't exist then, and if it could today it wouldn't matter because the governing authorities (CMP, NRA, perhaps a few other organizations, and maybe insurance companies) will never revisit this because at the end of the day the numbers are insignificant.
If a test was developed, and accepted by CMP, how many would invest the money to have the test conducted on their rifle and then petition the CMP to allow their rifle be issued some sort of waiver? 50 in a year? 5? Better yet, how many would simply complain but never follow through with the process at all? Not worth the thought alone.
There is more than enough information readily available for anyone who wants to look.
Separately, JB always has something interesting to share......
I am sure I could buy one of the pens made from a reclaimed stock and he could take one look and tell me something interesting and unique about the specific history, what rifle it was issued with and who was the inspector on the 2nd arsenal rebuild.
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