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Originally Posted by frank60586 View Post
I was a tanker and Carried a 1911 throughout my whole military career. I remembered basic training drill sergeants would wake you up in the middle of night and drop 45 on your chest and ask or yell at you. To disassemble it and reassemble it ,once I done that he said do it which eyes closed and to this day I can still close my eyes or be blindfolded and disassemble and reassemble the 1911 a 1. Upon leaving the States for Germany I was issued a 1911A1 it was very old but it shot well ,I shot expert with it. Upon leaving Germany I went to Fort Riley Kansas where I was issued a 1911A1 it had no front sight no rear sight crack grips. And on one field exercise they gave me my pistol with a shoulder holster that had no strap to hold it in. I asked that I could get a shoulder lanyard, the supply sergeant looked at me like what's that kid, so I took it anyway went out on the exercise in my tank as a loader. In one position we had to camouflage the tank ,After about an hour we had to leave their position about 15 minutes down the road I realized I did not have my 1911A1 in my shoulder holster. well you know the gut feeling wrenching of oh ********, I lost my 1911A1, I'll always been honest so I yelled through the inner comm to my sergeant, Hey I think at the last location my 1911A1 fell out.he yelled to the driver to halt the tank he reamed me a new ******. We went back to that location and lucky enough it was sitting in the mud perfect. I picked it up and we went on with the field exercise after the field exercise the company commander was going to give me an article 15. luckly my sergeant went the bat for me and told them I didn't lose it. I just misplaced it and if the United States Army would issue us gear that worked right, we wouldn't have problems like that . The captain said what do you mean by that. I showed the captain the shoulder holster that had no snap on it, After that the supply sergeant got his ****** reamed out and I never got in any trouble.
I can relate to that feeling... On one exercise, I noticed our Battalion Commander, walking through the area where we were busy performing our tasks... He had several of his staff, walking behind him carrying like 3 M16's on each shoulder... I had my M16 right next to me, while on my knees working on something. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an arm slowly reaching for my rifle, and I grabbed it, and held on... It was the B-C, just walking around, grabbing as many rifles as he could... He then dispersed them back to Company Commanders, who reamed the *** out of anyone who 'lost' their weapon...
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