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Old 09-08-2019, 06:12 PM
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Default M1 garand handgaurds, stock, WWII bolts and hammers

I have a few M1 Garand items

Payment by USPS money order or discreet paypal (friends/family).

**Forum rules apply, so post on the thread Ill take number XX and then send a PM with a shipping address to confirm and make payment arrangements.

HG set 1a Fair condition USGI handguards with very good USGI metal.
Solid set of matching walnut handguards that have seen some use. The USGI metal is in great condition. The front has no cracks or splits but I noticed when taking pics that the rear HG has a hard to see crack on the underside at the front. It doesnt go all the way through. Its just on the bottom. I tried taking a pic but couldnt get it. Repair it or use as it is. It is very solid.
SOLD PENDING FUNDS to hazmat 65.00 shipped
Pics here https://imgur.com/a/x42fV8H

HRA walnut handguard very good shape with dents and dings. No cracks splits or repairs. It has storage grease in the corners and some on the inside. The original HRA light colored metal is in great shape with just some edge wear. Overall a great looking HRA overton handguard if you're looking to complete a set.
55.00 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS to BillD66
Pics here; https://imgur.com/a/uHtpJOa

Here is a MT marked, unused Italian stock that was originally manufactured for the shorter 7.62 Italian conversion, then reworked by the Italians to be used with a standard M1 Garand. Its marked "MT" and is new, Old stock (Itialian). It has an extremely tight fit.
(1) MT tiger. This one has an extremely nice tiger striped grain. Priced because of the beauty of the wood. 135.00 + 12.50 shipping SOLD PENDING FUNDS TO hollowpoint67

WWII New, Old stock original finish Bolts
I have two bolts for sale. They are from the original SA packaging dated Jan 21, 1944.
They come with all the internals and are covered in & packed with 1944 grease. You'll have to clean them before use. (the grease on them make them look bad in the pic but when wiped off the finish is mint and the markings are crisp as would be expected)
Both are marked D28287-12Sa with a heatlot of S-B7
135.00 each shipped
Pics here https://imgur.com/a/uUFIFGL

SA WWII hammers.
I have several hammers C46008-5 SA.
They appear to be repacks of unissued/unused WWII hammers and the ones I have cleaned off and used myself were all mint. You will get the same.
28.00 each shipped
Pics here, https://imgur.com/a/dPADC9x

Thanks for looking!

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Old 09-22-2019, 04:30 PM
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Added a few handguards. Thanks!
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Old 09-22-2019, 09:14 PM
BillD66 BillD66 is offline
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I will take the HRA hand guard please
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Old 09-23-2019, 06:42 AM
hazmat hazmat is offline
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Default Handguard set 1A

I'll take hand guard set 1a for $65.00 shipped. Will pay by PayPal discrete gift. Send me your Paypal acct # via PM and I will respond with my ship to address. Note: My CMP email acct is corrupted so don't even try to send that way or I'll never get it.


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Old 09-25-2019, 06:46 PM
hollowpoint67 hollowpoint67 is offline
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ill take this per our PM;

MT marked, unused Italian stock
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