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Old 10-02-2016, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by willie8 View Post
I never had a problem disassembling the older version. Not going to buy a new one just for disassembly?????
If most people would read the manual, they wouldn't have a problem as long as they stopped at just removing the mainspring housing and bolt.

I've shot a 22/45 since they came out, and it's an easy gun to maintain. It's also easy to remove the top end without a mallet.

My MKIII was a pain in the anus with the mag disco dance, and the fact the mainspring housing needed to be beat out with a mallet and a punch. The upper will not come off either without a rubber mallet. Hence the pain in the rectum part.

The housing got easier to remove with use. I got sick of having to beat the upper off to clean it, so I built a blast shield to keep the trigger parts clean. I don't bother removing the upper for a normal cleaning anymore. Just once about every 1000 rounds or so now.

I can see the MK4 being attractive to some, but with myself having completely torn the MKIII apart several times. I am intimately familiar with it's internal workings. I doubt I would buy a new one unless they came out with a 7" heavy barreled target model.
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Old 10-04-2016, 05:37 PM
Varminterror Varminterror is offline
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I've built/rebuilt a lot of Ruger Standard, Mark I, Mark II, and III (and 22/45) pistols for customers, as I've sold a truck load of them (most of them with action jobs) to beginning handgun class students over the years.

I've always fit the "upper" to the "lower" for all of these models, so none of mine have ever had disassembly issues past the first time it came apart for me to do the work.

Good for Ruger for making a market-back design change - people have been calling for an assembly upgrade for decades, and the pressure really got poured on with the S&W Victory pistol - I've heard it often touted as "an easier to disassemble Ruger with a better trigger."

Would I sell a Mark II or III for a Mark IV? Eh, probably not. Will I buy a Mark IV? Yup!
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Old 06-02-2017, 07:16 AM
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I'm glad I got me one of these (MkIV 22/45)! As of now Volquartsen has replacement triggers, for most it is necessary. That is true for me as well but it was good enough that I was shooting mid 90s with 3+ "X" count, timed fire with the factory trigger, either using bullseye app on iphone or turning target. I put the replacement trigger in because with my feeble brain it is easier to make a mistake with that 6lb pull during sustained fire stages. I give the pistol I bought 10 stars out of 5 so you can see I have a high opinion of this model.
Signed, Still looking for my first points!
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