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Old 02-09-2015, 11:56 AM
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Default "Better" Stock for Win/WTA

Underwood receiver not lined out, WTA stamp below that, original W and (P) Win barrel, flat bolt, and wide band without a bayo lug, and generally really nice metal of a deep dark smooth park about 99% remaining. No question it is DOD done, just not sure its Win finish.

With a choice of stocks, which do you think?

1) Full fat feeling Win stock, distinct W in sling well, WRA/GHD faint as a shadow in stock, trace where a wheel should be, A.A./A.S. rebuild stamp on left side of rear sight in wood, LW handguard that matches the wood in tone and condition. Wood has very minor bumps but is that sort that has been a few places since the stock was rebuilt. Fairly dark and open grained. No pretense that it originated with the metal.

2) Normal Standard Products stock, rebuilt without any rebuild mark being applied, StdPro wheel stamped very deeply, but sanded down so only the deep parts are distinct, SJ in the sling well. Very nice looking light stock with a smooth surface that was rebuilt and put away until sold by the gov'ment.

Problem: The Win stock is nice, but a little less than perfect looking, but the more or less right one. The StdPro stock is very nice to look at, but clearly the wrong one.

(Eric: Thank you for your input. Makes sense to me. I just put this here to keep it from bouncing up as no one else has an opinion. Again, thank you. Steve)

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Old 02-09-2015, 01:12 PM
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As for "right" or "wrong" the barreled receiver and trigger housing will obviously indicate at least one rebuild, right? If that is the case, and if it were MY carbine, I'd use the stock that looked the best, period. Because in my mind the "wrong" Std Pro stock would be just as correct for a rebuild.

I really really appreciate a great quality, unsanded stock. Several great carbines in my collection sport stocks originally intended for other prime contractors because the stocks look great on the carbines. I do this in spite of having the correct manufacture stock available.

That's just my two cents.
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