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Old 06-13-2018, 11:14 AM
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Default It's been a while - question on CMP Field Grade

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted on the forum and clearly just found out recently my account was deactivated. So here I am.

I'm in the process of moving right now, not to mention I was overseas all last year, so I haven't really messed with my firearms in a long time until as of late.

I own 2x M1 field grades purchased in 2006. One is a Greek return that I hand picked at the North Store (SA 853,XXX). The other was a mail order field grade that turned out pretty darn well.

Here's my question/background info:

SA 2053106 (Oct '43) with a 5-44 barrel. All war-era SA parts except WRA trigger guard and bolt. Stock is in great condition with a faint SA/GAW cartouche with a deep RRA next to it telling me it obviously went to Red River for overhaul. The rifle has no other rebuild markings. The only part that looks brand new is the butt plate. I'm assuming this isn't the original barrel, but why would a barrel made only 7 months later end up on this rifle? Did RRA overhaul rifles during the war/immediately after war? Did SA produce a surplus of barrels during war years so much so that they were still being used post war for arsenal rebuilds?

It's a question I've had for a long time and after skimming though Scott Duff's WWII M1 book again, it's still bothering me.
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Old 06-13-2018, 11:35 AM
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Springfield Armory produced hundreds of thousands of spare barrels during the war, nearly 500K between late 1943 and early 1944. Those barrels lasted for decades. In fact, several years ago when the CMP was selling brand new USGI surplus barrels, quite a few were dated 1944.
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