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Old 09-26-2017, 08:11 PM
Ham_Chu Ham_Chu is offline
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Default New England Games...my AAR

After getting back from the Travel Games at Camp Ethan Allen, VT late Sunday night, I wanted to write a few notes about my experiences there.... Here we go:

1. FACILITY: Camp Ethan Allen (CEA) was a great venue to hold these games events. I only participated in the rifle events (with a buddy), but the post itself really lends itself to this type of event. The ranges are well maintained (but a good grass cutting could have helped a lot with brass recovery) and clean. It is obvious that the Vermont Nat'l Guard takes good care of this place. Even the 'tank trails' out the ranges are in better shape than many active duty posts.

I did not stay on-post, and regretted it. Burlington is a good 20 minutes away, along with any civilization. We walked through the barracks used to house the competitors, and these were CLEAN. Far beyond anything I've experienced on several posts, esp Ft Drum. I did not eat at the dining facility.

Parking was a bit of issue at times at carbine and even for the sniper match. Parking at Highpower was AWESOME. 25m away from firing line, there was no 'Viale Death March' with all our stuff crammed into carts bouncing over hill and dale. We sat on our tailgates waiting, took two short walks from truck to line to get it all there. Coolers, lunches etc.....right at our fingertips.

2. ELECTRONIC TARGETS. I can't say enough. As soon as you rock back with the recoil, the target is scored on a iPad sized table right in front of you. Yup, no need for a scope (reading wind excluded). Each of your ten shots are recorded in a list, with all shots listed on the screen (your last hit is shown in orange, the rest in green) so you can really see the groups, hit-by-hit. This also means you really don't need a scorer. It was common to leave the shooter the tablet to watch how they were shooting, and then (after string was done)the scorer grabbed the tablet and filled in the score sheet off the recorded list. One small hiccup during the sniper match, when the tablet 'lost connection' but shots taken during that time were still recorded, once connection was re-established. (My buddy needed one range alibi---we all told him to stop shooting when the bad message popped up).

Also, "they" have been saying that your scores will drop due to the nature of the scoring (center of bullet rather than edge of bullet). But I did VERY well, much better than I thought I would....even getting my first Gold medals (two?!?) in CMP games, one by traditional scoring and other with KTS. But I do hate that dreaded 9.9 (can we drop the decimals? Its demoralizing).

3. PEOPLE: The CMP staff here were top notch, and super helpful. Whatever/however/whenever you needed, they made it happen. Even most of the local Vermont volunteers/support staff were of great help. They fostered a very friendly environment that carried right through the whole weekend. Your team was well chosen.

4. FORMAT: The idea of running 8 anonymous Course A match relays over the course of the day, and you shoot what you want, when you want, is genius. It even allowed a friend to re-shoot his Garand when he was VERY displeased with his first go-around. He just took the generic score sheet (that was planned for the 03A3), filled out the appropriate check-blocks and stepped back onto the line. There is so much BS during the planning cylce for the Nationals, trying to get our schedules to match the National Match schedule, and when we arrive and depart etc.... THIS MUST BE ADOPTED at Perry (even with Pit Duty, just run 2/day for three days-and allow re-entries(allows someone with just a garand to shoot several matches)). Enough of a single window for each of the GSVM matches (or two windows that overlap each other in a single day). Just run a Course A Match and let us decide what we will enter...submit the paperwork later. It may run into T-Shirt nightmares.....but issue them upon registration. Medals could be done the same way they have been...get on line at the big tent with score card, verify score for your match and receive medal. Done.

5. IMPROVES: We did have a hard time finding the registration bldg. Despite little white signs everywhere, we ended up at a pistol range somewhere and finally tracked back. The place is confusing. Maybe a strip map (maybe there was one?)

Award Ceremony: As much as I liked shaking Mr. Anderson's hand, it just went on too long. Perhaps group the Bronze then Silver together and have Golds come up for pics individually...but both Friday and Saturday, just too long. This could also be due to the fact that I lived off-post, and still had to drive home afterwards, but my wrists are still tingling from all the applause. OK, not really still, but it was a long time. I did like the raffle at the end, but seeing how Mr. Williams won it all anyways....we left empty-handed (But seriously, Congrats to you, Mr. Williams; greatest respect for winning dang near EVERY event, medal, plaque and box of ammo CMP brought with them).

I feel very strongly that I will return to CEA, should these games be offered next year (and the wife allows it). Living equidistant between Perry and CEA, this is a no-brainer. We truly had a great time, without the exhaustion of pit duty to dampen the day.We shot six matches in three days (one of those a travel day), a feat unthinkable a the Nationals. Kudos to you, Mr. Johnson and your team. They deserve some time off.

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Old 09-27-2017, 08:51 AM
ceresco ceresco is offline
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Thanks for posting your report--it agrees with my thoughts on the NE Games. In particular, the awards: CMP is dogmatic in their format and after enduring many of the awards ceremonies, I often don't go. It is so obvious that groups should be called up rather than each individual..... I recall telling someone that I would gladly take my 15 minutes of fame along with everyone else....anything to shorten the darn ceremony. Missed going this year but Vermont is a great venue...and so are all the others. Good Shooting. ..
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Old 09-27-2017, 03:30 PM
BuddyBGood BuddyBGood is offline
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I think there is more to the awards ceremony than meets the eye.
It's about recognition of the competitors so others can put a name to the face of that persons accomplishment.
It also gives the CMP folks a chance to be recognized for all they do for us competitors.
What is the problem with an hour to chat and shake hands with those who have done well.
You also have the great photos of your award.(You won't get that at any NRA award ceremony.)
It's after a great meal,and don't forget the door prizes.You won't find that happening at an NRA event either.
I personally feel that it's kind of a snub or insult not to attend.Especially when you won something and they call your name and your not there.
I have missed some awards due to forgetting about them or having to get on the road.
Never deliberately avoiding it.
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Old 09-27-2017, 05:58 PM
Craftsman Craftsman is offline
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I'll put in a plug FOR the award ceremonies staying individual as they are. I had to cancel going to the NE Games this year due to hurricane Irma, definitely gonna try again next year! That said, last year's NE Games was my first CMP travel games, and the biggest competition matches I've attended. It was a complete blast. I was able to earn a bronze medal in the carbine match. Being personally awarded the medal by Gary Anderson with a smile, a handshake and a nice picture was one of the highlights of the entire matches for me.
Yes, I ordered a copy of the picture that now resides above my work desk, with the medal hanging with it. It reminds me a a fantastic time shooting the CMP Games matches in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, and I love looking at that picture of me, smiling standing with one of the greatest shooters in the history of US competition shooting.
I think everyone who receives an award has similar feelings and memories from the ceremony. I enjoy watching the top shooters receive their, often numerous awards, and marvel at their accomplishments and what awesome shooters they are, and what a great group of folks are in the shooting community.
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Old 09-28-2017, 11:58 PM
Gewehr43 Gewehr43 is offline
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".......This also means you really don't need a scorer. It was common to leave the shooter the tablet to watch how they were shooting, and then (after string was done)the scorer grabbed the tablet and filled in the score sheet off the recorded list......"

I would not do that........... The problem is cross fires............ I shot the EIC there and we had 10 on our firing point!

The only way we kept our scores accurate was the scorer/verifier WATCHING THE TABLET AS ONE SHOT. I had one during my sitting rapid and we had 9 at 600yds................

Someone REALLY liked our target and it was frustrating..........

Now for the Garand matches shot only at 200yds.......... you'd hope there are no-cross fires. But again I had one during my sitting at 200yds.
Service Rifle.... RIP .... 1884-2015

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