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Old 06-13-2018, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by drywash View Post
Still plan to mail packet and take a chance. Will definately not get one if I don't send it in. Mfg. doesn't matter to me. Just happy we have a chance.
Same here.
CMP Customer

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster, and if you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Old 06-13-2018, 07:32 AM
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I would get tired of the same questions over and over as well. Especially with the answers posted here.
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Old 06-13-2018, 10:05 AM
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Dealing with customers? That is customer service. While I've never had anything other than pleasant experiences with the CMP staff, I don't think this is the proper venue for snarky replies that I'm sure are bounced back and forth amongst staff and probably for good reason.
That said, my faith in the effort being put forth to pull this off has never been higher and can't wait for the fun this fall.
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