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Old 09-08-2015, 04:39 PM
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Default Talladega Match this weekend (more info)

I know BR549 posted something about this match but I wanted to add a little more info.

***This match is SEPT 12th at Talladega Park***

I'm posting this in couple of different groups/forums. Don Rutherford called me several weeks ago and we talked about the Course of Fire for this match. We kicked around some different ideas and this is what we ended up with.The first match is like a normal GSM match. The others are considered "Fun Matches". They are a little different than the standard matches. It seems a shame to have such a great range (where you can fire 200/300/600yds) and but utilize only the 200yd part. For this series you will fire matches at 200, 300, and also 600yds. It's not an "all or nothing match". If you don't want to shoot one of the distances....DON'T!

The last one you fire (only) a Garand at 600yds. I do it and have my dope. Lots of guys don't. So...it's only fair to give those guys ample sighters. Not sure if he decided on unlimited sighters in 5 minutes or 5 sighter rounds or what??? Don't let 600yds with a Garand intimidate you. It is MORE than capable of shooting good scores at that distance. Notice that the "Fun Matches" are NOT a long drawn out match. They are short strings and are intended to maximize your shooting without going home dog tired.

I don't work for CMP and am not representing the CMP. Don simply asked a friend and fellow shooter an opinion. Any official CMP questions should be directed toward Leon at his email address. If I have mis-spoken I'm sure I'll be corrected soon. If you don't have fun at this match, you ain't tryin' very hard...!

Keith Schachle

Sponsoring Affiliate West Georgia Youth Range Association, Inc.
Match Dates 09/12/15 through 09/12/15
Registration Dates through
Location Talladega, AL
Match Director Harris Rutherford
Contact Harris Rutherford
Phone 770-328-0167
Email leonr305@aol.com

The John C. Garand Match is the CMP's most popular CMP Games event held during the National Matches. The course of fire is 15 shots slow-fire prone (first 5 shots are sighters); 10 shots rapid-fire prone; 10 shots slow fire standing. All shot from 200 yards.

Also having Other Fun Matches:
1. Modified 40 Round Match (MIA) at 300yds
2. Any Gun: 2 Sighters & 10 for Record at 600yds
3. As-Issued Garand 15Min Block Time with 10 Shot for Record at 600yds
I can shoot a one hole/one shot group at any distance....."If I do my part"

Keith Schachle

Distinguished Rifleman Badge #2287
NRA XTC Service Rifle- High Master
NRA Midrange - High Master
CMP XTC Service Rifle - Master
CMP Master Instructor
Almost Perfect Attendance in the 3rd grade

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