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Old 10-06-2017, 06:39 PM
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I had been wondering the same thing as the OP for myself. Ended up buying a G96/11.

The main reason was because one was available for a good price. I would not go searching for a K31. Because you will then be having to search for GP11, chargers, front sight tool, etc... That being said if you saw one for a decent price I'd snatch it up.

With the 1903 (and it's variants) domestically produced it will be much easier to find parts and ammo here in the US. However, if you do end up getting the K31 there Is also a small handful of clubs in the US that hold Swiss sanctioned 300m matches to their courses of fire, and if you score high enough you can earn certificates or medals from the Swiss Government.
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Old 10-09-2017, 09:12 PM
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Both can be reloaded for great competition accuracy. Both require practice for CMP games competition. Accuracy is as much shooter as rifle. Whichever you get practicing will make games fun. I've shot both and prefer the 03A3 with 135 SIE match bullet. K-31 used 110 Hornady
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Old 10-11-2017, 10:25 PM
Polaris Polaris is offline
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As eluded to above, if you want to shoot both Vintage and Springfield, you will need 2 rifles. A good Springfield will shoot well, as will a good M1917, Swedish M96, K-31 and G11, K11, and 96/11. This is the short list for top vintage rifles. I have fired K-31s, G11s, and M96s in mixed vintage/Garand/Springfield matches and they were competitive with the top shooters regardless of rifle when I was one of the top shooters. All will get it done if the guy squeezing the trigger is up to the task. Of the 2 Swiss and one Swedish model I shoot, all will easily and consistently shoot a high silver cut score if I don't make any serious mistakes. Will all shoot into the gold if I make no mistakes.

Regarding ammunition... the K-31 and other Swiss rifles utilize standard .308 bullets. Brass is readily available from PRVI and it is quality brass. Once you figure out the COL, it is easy to reload for and brass life is excellent. Mine does well with 155 gr Nosler match bullets to 300m, as do my other Swiss rifles.

If you are limited to factory ammunition only, the M17 or M96 Swede are your best bet. Quality ammo is available for the K-31 (GP11 is excellent but IMHO not near the legendary status some would give it), but rapidly disappearing. Match grade ammo is available in 6.5x55 and 30-06 for the other 2 options.

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