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Old 12-30-2017, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ZvenoMan View Post
Hmmm. 84 minutes ago you weren't so sure

Collecting milsurps is a hobby of interpretation.
  • There are some who take the approach that it should be left as you acquired it, with only reversible preservation conducted. This group probably considers shooting a milsurp to be a sin. The mere mention of anything against their doctrine will make Antifa seem like passivists.
  • Others suggest restoration representing a specific point (a very debatable point) in it's past is acceptable, including replacing parts, correcting, repairing, etc. Somewhere in this school of thought, enhancing original cartouches exists, for some people. Adding cartouches where none existed prior is also seen here.
  • Yet another group is OK with tacticalizing and "improving" milsurps with overmolded stocks, rails and duracoat. Most might not call these "collectors".
  • Vintage snipers; a unique sub-section. Must adhere to some rules; but locating a bubba gun and using it is much preferred over shooting an original.

My point is that "collecting" is a very wide definition and there are people of all extremes share the CMP arena.

My 1st milsurp was a $32 Mosin Nagant (1995) I bought because it was ugly and looked like a cheap way to practice refinishing. I stripped and sanded, stained, reblued and polished, replaces screws and gave it many coats of polyurethane. I was then infected with milsurpitis and have owned dozens of Mosins among others. I keep this one, as is, as a reminder of where I started. Nothing about that process here:

Ahh, "84 minutes ago you weren't so sure"? I don't know if your comment is directed at me or not? But to set the record straight, I NEVER thought this was a good idea and was so stated. This whole subject was over a cup of coffee with friends and we wondered what others thought!! It's just that simple. So, let me be crystal clear.. it is NOTHING I or my friends would ever do!! And no, we have NO stamps!!
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