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Old 07-16-2015, 03:31 PM
Gewehr43 Gewehr43 is offline
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I can only repeat what MG hatcher said in 1948:


He specifically refers to the USMC holding their first post war Division matches (beginning on Feb 26 1946 at Pearl Harbor), followed by other Divisional ones and the USMC match June 6, 1946 being shot with the M1.

He then uses scores from pre war matches with the M1903 and tries to compare the scores.

So that is clearly suggesting that post war, the M1903 was not shot much if at all in competition. He needed to use pre war scores to make any sort of comparison to the M1.

It also suggests, clearly, that the USMC, right or wrong, was focused on the M1 and dropped the M1903 from competition.

On page 272, by June 1948 he explains a visit to Quantico and how much the USMC had experimented with the M1 since those first matches in 1946. He then explains what they found to increase the accuracy of the M1.

So its clear in his writings that the M1 was their match rifle since the end of the war. They were focused on it and using it.

Again, why would they work or use another rifle when they were clearly focused on the M1?
Not to mention by wars end- they were using the M1 as their service rifle.

As far as the USMC and their competition rifles, it seems clear that the M1903 was prewar and following the war -the M1.

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Old 07-31-2015, 11:26 PM
Phil McGrath Phil McGrath is offline
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I think you should contact the Marine Distinguished Shooter Association and you will find out exactly when (hard date) the M1 replaced the Springfield as there NM rifle. I know that LtCol. Walter Walsh USMC DR used a NM03 Springfield into and past the 50's as he never full trusted the M1 as a Target rifle. There were many other Marines that did the same.
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