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Old 10-29-2011, 05:10 PM
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Default North Store report 10/29/2011

I have not been to the North Store since September and I missed the run on .22s so I decided to visit today. Got there around 8:40am and there were about 3 people in the store.

I started looking at the .22s and here is what I saw:
- four Stevens .22 rifles. Stocks are ok with some cartouches but the metal is a little worn and triggers not that crisp.
- about four Mossberg rifles. They seemed ok but I did not look at them carefully.
- seven or eight Kimbers at $350 each. I don't think they come with sights so now the $400 rusty rifles look like a real bargain. The serial numbers on the rifles in the rack were 82xx and around 12xx.
- two Anschutz rifles but they were not worth the price in my opinion.
- four Remington rifles, I think, with custom stocks. See the pictures.
- lots of barreled receivers including a bunch of Anschutz b/r in a plastic barrel. A couple were in nice condition but where would you get rest of the parts? Rest of the b/r of other manufacturers were in good to poor condition. Not many people looking at them and I think they will be there for a long time.

A number of ceremonial Kraig and 1917 rifles. People were looking at those and bought some. Not my cup of tea.

No service grade garands except for M1D, M1C, and SG Specials. Mostly field grade in HRA, SA, and WRA. I noticed some guys who found some field grades they were purchasing but nothing looked good to me. I think the garands in the store have been there since summer but that is my assumption. The SG Specials are nice. I saw a couple of HRA SG Specials with muzzle less than 1. One SA SG Special had a zero muzzle. I contemplated buying a HRA SG Special but decided not to. I looked through the Winchesters and I did not see anything special.

You can find some nice stripped receivers with little or no pitting. I was debating whether to buy a couple of 3.5m receivers but decided I had enough at home. I left serial number 26125 behind also, it was sitting in the box on the counter when I left. It had pitting at the wood line.

The main attraction for me were the web slings. Let's say I bought a bunch of them. Only 4 or so were WWII slings and half of the remainder were marked, although most were lightly marked with MRT and the date. Much nicer than new slings in my opinion. They were mostly in nice condition - not new but slightly worn and not very dirty. That does not guarantee they will be in nice condition in the future.

They had some M3 scabbards in service grade and poor grade. The service grades mainly had metal tips and the poor grades had splits. Very greasy and very stinky. They had 16 inch bayonets but I did not look at them. I bought a M3 SG scabbard, some web slings, and a new M5A1 bayonet. I really like the new M5A1 bayonets, very sharp and brand new, with a scabbard. They also had 10 inch bayonets but I did not look at them.

Ammo. .30-06, loose in a can only. No clipped .30-06. Commerical carbine ammo. Hornady 6.5x55 Swedish at $26 per 20 and some Hornady Russian 7.62.x54R at around the same price.

A few M14 stocks in one of the racks. Couple of racks of Daisy air rifles, half with regular stocks and half with monte carlo stocks. One pimped out Daisy with a black stock and silver metal - painted that color.
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