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Old 02-09-2010, 01:19 PM
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Yep,ceresco was referring to the Small Arms Firing School match at the end of the course. It's worth an initial four Leg points if you have never qualified for any points prior to it. They do it for the M16 and Service pistol. One of our junior shooters won the M16 match last year and got his first four points and a very nice plaque. Right after that, they shoot the regular Leg match and the President's One Hundred rifle match. Pistol has a different schedule than rifle. The SAFS is first, then the NRA matches, with the CMP Leg match and P100 last, IIRC.

I'm using a Gun Ho pistol box right now that I got from Gil Hebard before Gun Ho went out of business. I believe someone has taken over the company and is making them again, but I'll have to check. I got the four gun box which is more than adequate. One of the guys got the five gun box and it is very heavy if you put that many guns in it. Prior to that, I had a homemade box that came from a set of plans that the NRA had in one of their publications. It's a nice little box that holds three guns. I still have it since it was made by a friend that has since passed away.

When I was shooting with one of the Navy teams back when, we had Pachmayr boxes, which were very nice. You can find them on eBay once in a while, but they get pricey. There's also an aluminum box out there that is carried by Champion's Choice. Very nice but more expensive than the Gun Ho box.

If you get a chance, call Gil Hebard and have him send you one of his catalogs. Gil is an old-time Bullseye shooter and he has a lot of stuff that you'll need like a scope for your gun box. His shipping is reasonable. He does not have a website. His phone is (309) 289-2700.

He carries a book titled The Pistol Shooter's Treasury; somewhat out of date since it is pre-red dot, but it has lots of good info and is worth the read.

He used to give a discount to Active military, so you might want to check on that.
Navy Vet, Distinguished Pistol, TSRA Conventional Pistol Match Director

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Old 05-17-2010, 06:01 PM
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UPDATE: Still no sign of my Mountain Competition Pistols 1911, nor an explanation for why my credit card was charge $100 more than the high end quote Dr. Nick had given me. Called today and talked to him; he says he will call the credit card company to see how to refund my card. He said I should have called sooner and he would have shipped the pistol because he has been too distracted getting the CNC machines going producing their own complete pistols. In the long run, I'm glad I found out about their service now and not 15,000 rounds down the road when I needed it serviced.

I'm not sure if I will re-order another bullseye 1911 as I would like to. My astigmatism may preclude any success in bullseye matches, so I think I may try an NRA match with my Hi-Standard Super-Matic 103 to see if I can even focus on the target for that long of a string of fire. If not, then I guess I'll go back to rifle.
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