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Old 03-12-2018, 08:29 AM
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Since some folks didn't recognize the unique military SSR stock in this original post and thus may not be familiar with the Navy's development of the SSR rifle in the mid-1990s, here's a quick history synopsis. Documentation is lacking in most books, so this information is to the best of my knowledge based on personal research and a conversation with a long-time Crane employee.

U.S. Navy Sniper Security Rifle (SSR)

In 1996 the Navy introduced the M14 Sniper Security Rifle (SSR) (NSN: 1005-LL-L99-5690), which utilized a McMillan M3A stock with an adjustable cheek piece; unique Navy Crane designed scope mounting system, along with a Leupold Mark 4 10x scope with M1 turrets. The early SSR rifles were built with rear lugged receivers. Presumably in the 2000s, according to Lee Emerson's excellent book, M14 Rifle History and Development, Vol 1, (2016), the armors at Crane built later SSRs from ‘rack-grade’ M14s and therefore employed standard, non-lugged receivers. All SSR's retained the heavy profile match barrels used on the earlier variant of this sniper rifle (e.g, Navy Physical Security Sniper Rifle/Port Security Rifle).

Here's the front page of the Operator's Manual (I'm still looking for one an original of this little manual..)

The front scope mount consisted of a unique barrel collar part, and the rear sights are removed to accommodate the rear scope mount with an integrated rail that installed between the rear sight ‘ears.’ (Note: Springfield Armory Inc. appears to have more or less copied the basic SSR design when they released their M25 White Feather tactical match rifle in 2001).

Initially, Navy SSR rifles used plain ‘battleship gray’ stocks, specially ordered from McMillan, and are typically seen with a Harris bipod.

Early Navy M14 SSR rifle with plain gray McMillan M3A stock (Source: Online picture associated with NSN 1005-LL=L99-5690)

At some point during the 2000s, the Navy switched to tan/Flat Dark Earth (FDE)-colored M3A stocks with matching tan-painted handguards. The Navy’s presumably final sole-source procurement for SSR stocks was in August 2006, which stated: “M3A TACTICAL STOCK INLETTED FOR NAVY M14 SSR (NO FORWARD OR REAR LUGS) WITH 14 LENGTH OF PULL, RECOIL PAD INSTALLED, BI-POD SWIVEL ATTACHED, TAN IN COLOR.” Contract Number: fbo:N0016406T0319. (According to McMillan Fiberglass Stocks personnel, approximately 200 of these tan stocks were ordered by the Naval Surface Warfare Center at Crane, IN).

Later Navy M14 SSR rifle with tan/FDE stock and handguard (Source: Online search of NSN)

Below is some technical information from a 2007 Crane briefing regarding the Navy’s M14 rifle program:

“The original M14 SSR accuracy testing generally consisted of proving the system was able to get 5 consecutive shots inside a 4.5 by 4.5 inch square area at 300 yards. This roughly translates to the 1.5 MOA Extreme Spread which is currently verified for each MK 14 MOD 2. This allows for the NECC Expeditionary DM (Designated Marksman) to engage vehicle engine targets at 800 meters, and EOD units can regularly hit unexploded 40mm grenades at a 150 meter stand-off.

...The Navy M14 SSR had been the primary Expeditionary medium range Designated Marksman weapon. It was somewhat maintenance intensive due to glass bedding, had no standard means to attach ancillary equipment and lacked a night fighting capability. NECC worked with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Small Arms Engineering Section to develop a more robust weapon to meet the challenges of an Expeditionary medium range rifle that would meet a 24 hour operational tempo. The result was development and fielding of the MK 14 MOD 2 EBR-EDMV.”

Historically speaking, the SSR rifles were the last M14 sniper rifles made by the Navy that were epoxy-bedded into a “traditional” looking McMillan Fiberglass stock. In May 2000 the Navy ordered 300 of the Knight’s Armament SR-25 semi-automatic rifles, later designated as the Navy Mk 11 MOD 0. (Note: These SR-25 type rifles are less maintenance intensive, and were also adopted as the XM110/M110 by the U.S. Army and USMC). In addition, during the 2000s the Navy also re-built many of its SSR rifles to fit in the SAGE chassis-based systems, and subsequently adopted as the Mk 14 MOD 0/1/2 variants. (Note: These would have been the later, non-lugged version of the SSR).

While the M14 SSR rifles were at that point no longer issued as the primary semi-automatic sniper rifles used by SEAL teams, they continued their service well into the late 2000s as the primary medium range Designated Marksman weapon for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC). The M14 SSR rifles were still being deployed at least as late as 2008 as DMR rifles within the Navy. Here's a 2007 picture from Lake TharThar in Iraq of NECC personnel, one of whom is armed with a M14 SSR rifle, and the other seems to be armed with an M60E3. (Source: DoD online picture).

And here are a couple of M14 SSR rifles being used in target practice on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. (Source: online DoD picture, Persian Gulf, May 2008, USS Abraham Lincoln)

Anyhow, that's my understanding of the history of a somewhat unusual Navy M14 sniper/DMR rifle. I think only about 300 were made, but I need to validate that with others who know more. Hopefully I can make a SSR replica of on by the end of 2018...the final piece is getting a talented machinist to custom make an exact replica of the SSR scope mount part.

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Old 03-12-2018, 08:43 AM
deanb deanb is offline
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There is this and a lot more information on the m14 forum. Good luck with your project.
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Old 03-12-2018, 09:08 AM
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Thanks, I hang out there and learned a lot about the SSR from various posts and pictures on that forum.

Here are the key components of my SSR replica/tribute project rifle (starting at front of rifle and moving back):

• USGI flash hider reamed to NM specs
• USGI M14 front sight (standard width sight)
• NM/Unitized gas cylinder (via Navy/USMC welded methodology)
• Harris BR bipod 1A2-L Ultralight w/ KMW Pod-Loc part
• *Pending: Douglas heavy profile barrel, 1:10 twist, carbon steel, as used on the later SSR's, sourced from Springfield Armory, Inc. Note: The barrel’s shoulder will have to be machined back 0.190” to accommodate the unique Navy SSR barrel collar/front scope bracket.
• Rear handguard painted to match and slightly shortened at the rear to accommodate SSR barrel collar
• Sadlack or Smith Enterprises gas piston (not sure if correct, but the Smith Enterprises piston was used on the later Mk 14 Mod 0)
• NM spring guide (unmarked vintage part)
• *Pending: Custom fabricated scope mount replicating the original SSR mount (and hardest part to acquire…)
• Leupold Mk 4 30mm rings (older style)
• Leupold Mark 4 Tactical scope, fixed 10x, M1 turrets, TMR reticle (correct except for the reticle, should be Mil-Dot but that's okay, the price was right and its in new condition)
• TRW bolt w/ USGI internals
• TRW op-rod (tab rebuilt and op rod re-parkerized)
• SAI trigger housing with M25 “white Feather” modifications for an adjustable pull weight (visually correct when installed, but mechanically this match trigger group offers a nice yet safe 2.5 to 3.5 pound pull)
• Springfield Armory Inc. receiver (65k, 1992 vintage, non-lugged, so my SSR stock and non-lugged receiver would be the later configuration of the SSR)
• McMillan M3A stock molded in tan/Flat Dark Earth (FDE) color, with the M14 selector cut for military rifles. I need to install the proper rubber buttpad and the 3 bipod studs in this stock.
• USGI M14 selector lock and related parts (non-functional of course, but aesthetically correct)
• 1907 pattern leather sling with 2009 MRT date

...hopefully it will look like this when done:

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