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Old 07-12-2019, 04:54 PM
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I thought of another reason to go with the criterion. When you remove the front sightbase from a NOS barrel, it will not be parkerized underneath, looks terrible
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Old 07-12-2019, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by milprileb View Post
Its one thing to build back a 03a3 action into a complete rifle with orig parts but entirely different if the objective is a 03A4 clone. Once you go clone, the use of a standard issue barrel vs Criterion barrel is a matter of choice. What is your end state? It sure is not originality so I bet its accuracy. That said, the advice of those above to go with Criterion would be the way to go. Having any rifle barrel properly installed is money well invested in my opinion.

So how accurate is a Criterion barrel ? I am in my 70's, on 1000 yd line last Vintage Sniper Match at Quantico, I shot a 186 with 3x's . My 03A4 repro has correct mount, rings and Lyman Alaskan 2.5 x scope. One with better eyes can hold 10 ring with this rifle at 1000 yd line but I can't always manage that.

I'd like to build up a representative example, using as many original finish parts as possible. The donor rifle has been blued and drilled for a lyman peep sight so it has no collector value. Its a mess to be sure, but it did come with a Keystone C stock. Once I get the barrel, mount and new bolt I will send it out to Chuck In Denver.
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