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Old 09-11-2017, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by ItsGarand View Post
... the bullets are hitting the rifling
and in one case (LC Match '67) opening the bolt and forcing the cartridge out separated the case from the bullet, leaving the bullet stuck in the bore.
I have an as-new circa 1965 Model 70 Match rifle that did the same thing with LC 67 Match. After firing about 200 rounds of 168 SMK handloads seated to kiss the lands, it will now accept the LC match. I'll probably shoot mostly cast bullets in it, anyway.

Bob S.
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Old 09-12-2017, 03:05 PM
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Leave the rifle alone and shoot it with the correct length ammo. You have a bullet seater right? Hello? High pressure, no throat, need to ream with a reamer! Bull corn and pucks!

DID you contact the gunsmith/machinist??
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Old 09-15-2017, 04:16 PM
Doco Overboard Doco Overboard is offline
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The HXP round that I used for a gauge chambered perfectly in a Wilson case gauge. The rifles do not even come close to closing on a NG guage. What is different is the neck diameter is larger on the HXP than other ammo commonly available to me handloads and various factory offerings in my case. Also the flutes on the neck cutting portion on my Pt reamer that I used must measure under-size and would have been more appropriate for a commercial cartridge offering with a more conservative neck measurement. If running a different reamer that follows the chamber closely allows a cartridge to chamber without increasing Chamber head-space whats the answer? Did that different reamer cut the shoulder before the neck or what happened? I doubt it. FWIW the PT reamer that I have is hard to measure because the flutes are unevenly spaced. Im no expert by any means but I would consider neck diameter the culprit in my case. The bullet never got close to the leade because of the neck. So before I got a throater out I just stopped and discussed the situation with someone who put a bunch more rifles together than I have.One of the writers indicated HXP having a slightly larger spec at the shoulder and I can go with that but that hasn't been my experience with the lots of ammo I have. My rifles shoot great, are not hard on brass and I don't have to pet load any of them. They are also not for sale so I wouldn't get all worked up about mis-chambered rifles being out there either.
I know someone would be more than happy to correct me and thats fine but wouldn't a neck measurement be an important part of examining cases that have been prepared for reloading anyhow? At least before bullet seating occurs? I'm unsuscribed for here on out. Putting lights back on in FLA and this caught my eye so I enjoyed the convo for a temporary diversion after nearly a week thanks.
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