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Old 10-15-2011, 03:57 AM
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Originally Posted by dpd3672 View Post
There were a lot a week ago, although the vast majority were FG. I'd imagine that the initial rush on bolt guns is pretty much over, and what's left in the store will trickle out, due to the "one per customer" limit. I'd also be willing to bet that once the limit is lifted next year, what's left will sell out very quickly.

FWIW, the FG guns didn't look much different than the SG (or RG, for that matter). It seems like fewer of the RG would headspace, more than half of the FG would, and all of the SG I saw did. I picked up a really nice Winchester FG, and a $100 drill rifle provided the Winchester stock and small parts to correct it. The ME is just under 2, and the bore cleaned up beautifully. I posted some photos in a thread in the bolt action section.
so in your opinion what should i look for when i get there, jump right to the FG's or the SG's.

(im in the mist of starting up a thread, about a run to the NS this wednesday.
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Old 10-15-2011, 04:21 AM
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There were only 2 SG left last Friday, both were Eddystone and neither looked much different than the FGs. I really couldn't see what made them SG, rather than FG, unless it was better barrel condition (I didn't really look down the bore). Most of the guns I gauged were well under 2 at the muzzle, whether it be SG, FG, RG, or even the drill guns. There were certainly some nice guns among the FG, for sure.

This was it for SG M1917s, when I left. They may have restocked, though.

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