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Old 10-23-2009, 09:23 AM
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Default To view and post images... And tnx CMP for new forum...

Been testing....

Found I could use the "insert image" function.

But Found I could see the images when not logged in, but could not when logged in...

So to help.. here's how to post and image and how to set your account to view images (if you want to)...

To insert an image...

click on the "Post Reply".
Then above the text window
click on this icon...

and insert the address of the pix into the new window that popped up.

If copying a link from photo bucket, you need to leave off the tags it inserts.
Such as the IMG tags and [ ] .

So your just pasting the address (sans tags) into the window that shows after clicking on the "insert image" icon...
The forum will add the tags for you.
(I added the quotes, to get the forum to show the code without doing something to it - don't add quotes).


To be able to see the images in a thread...

After logging in, got to the "User CP" up in the menu.

Go down to
"edit options"

Now scroll down to...
"Thread Display Options"

and check,
"Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)"

The scroll down and click
"Save Changes"...

And if the person did the "insert image" correctly, you'll be seeing images...

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