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Old 07-14-2019, 07:07 AM
BobJ50 BobJ50 is offline
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This is a partial list of Indian 7.62 with Lot #, quantity produced, quantity tested and "defects." The quality is so spotty and over the spectrum, I simply wouldn't bother with the stuff. India notes quantity as "Lakh" and one Lakh=100,000 cartridges.

INDIA-Yearwise and Lot Details of 7.62 MM Gde II Amn.
Legend: MF=Misfire CR=Complete Rupture PR=Partial Rupture
CBO=Cap Blown Out PC=Pierced Cap SC=Split Cap

1977 Lot No. Quantity/100K Rounds Fired Defects Observed

[14 Lots of 1977 Production-Lot 1-14 All Had Defects]

1. 157/AFK 2.44 1880 3 CBO
2. 160/AFK 1.46 1880 2 CBO
3. 163/AFK 2.07 1880 6 CBO
11. 114/OFV 4.42 5640 9 MF
12. 117/OFV 2.80 1880 7 MF
14. 119/OFV 2.38 1880 8 MF

1978 [35 Lots with Defects/Lot 15-49]
15. 15/AFK 1.83 1880 5 CBO
33. 412B/OFK 1.60 3950 10 Gas Escape
45 386B/OFK 2.50 2110 15 Blown Primer
20 Loose Primer
13 Gas Escape
1 Miss Fire
46 337B/OFK 2.20 2110 55 Blown Primer
35 Loose Primer
28 Gas Escape
5 Miss Fire
1979-26 Lots with Defects
1980-3 Lots with Defects
1981-19 Lots with Defects
1982-37 Lots with Defects
1983-10 Lots with Defects
1984-12 Lots with Defects
A total of 156 Lots. Problems included case rupture, chamber pressure, velocity,
with other lots I have not listed but are on my master list. 156 Line Items on 6
pages from Indian MOD.
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Old 07-14-2019, 07:49 AM
nf1e nf1e is online now
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Mexican Surplus?
Semper Fi
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Old 07-14-2019, 08:35 AM
old sagarand old sagarand is offline
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9 pages about indian ammo.
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Old 07-14-2019, 09:17 PM
hogfamily hogfamily is offline
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BobJ50 and old sagarand.

Thank you for the info and link.

I was given 3000 (+) rounds of this ammo. I have no intention of shooting it. I'm thinking of donating it to our local machine gun club because the do public shoots and allow folks, and especially kids, to shot their MGs. I was hoping to offset some of their costs. Having no experience with the ammo I was hoping to find out if it was safe for them to shoot before I gave it to them.

I will continue to see what I can find out about the ammo so that I can let them decide if they want to shoot it or possibility tear it down for the components.

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Old 07-14-2019, 09:55 PM
UncleBilly UncleBilly is offline
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I would tear it down for components
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