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Old 07-09-2019, 09:23 AM
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I do believe Bula is making forged m14 bolts these days. though they don't list them separate. on web site

Fulton has forged made in U.S.A. bolts.

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Old 07-09-2019, 09:44 AM
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LOL... a local fellow bought one of the Polytech M14's when they were around back in the 1990's. Took it to the range, and at 100 yards could not hit a 6x6 piece of cardboard. Upon closer inspection, it was found that the "flash hider" assembly had been assembled out of alignment and that the bullets were hitting it on the way out and being deflected.

I saw a Polytech M14 on the rack of a local shop just this past weekend... and almost choked at the $2000 asking price. I didn't even ask to look at it...
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Old 07-10-2019, 12:40 AM
jimthompson502002 jimthompson502002 is offline
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Default superb

Originally Posted by hiller View Post
I’ve got a polytech 14s that shoots awful good and was wondering if others have had a similar experience. When I got the rifle I wasn’t expecting much. Just wanted something to shoot with iron sights at 100 yards. I took it out and adjusted the sights then shot 10 rounds off the bench.


6 of the ten shots were in one jagged hole. I was surprised because I have astigmatism and wear prescription glasses. Plus I’m sure not a great shot. But the target got me to thinking. I thought the accuracy seemed good so why not throw a scope on it and see what it could do.
A friend had a m14 mount and I had an old weaver 10x scope laying around. With the scope I’m getting 1/2” and one hole 5shot groups.



This rifle seems as accurate as my sa national match but with no bedding,no unitized gas system, no special anything. I’m not complaining at all. Just thought it was weird to get such good results from a bargain basement rifle. What do you guys think?

R/s, Hiller.............
I had about a dozen of each label. Actually, my personal book shows 26 that I shot and mostly "improved". Brought all but two up to U.S. heat treat specifications, adding oddments of G.I. parts. The last several I picked up before import was banned ( at the bought and paid for request of Ruger and several others!! ) were far better than the first, and two sported beautiful, U.S.-made walnut butt stocks.

I never had one that wouldn't shoot as well as the various cast receiver units from SAI, and of course, the ones I had with heavy Krieger, Wilson, and Citadel barrels outshot U.S.G.I. by a LOT. Out of the box, with quality reloads (I was shooting very little factory ammo then) with 168-190 grain bullets, I do not recall putting one on paper that would come in under 2 m.o.a. Most did far better than that, or about what I get out of decently set up .308/7.62x51mm. M1's. Only three or four got the glass bedding treatment, and only ONE did I rear lug.

With the Chinese steel-cased ammo, results were indifferent but better than the same ammo out of far more expensive rifles.

The last few had up-to-spec bolts. Everything I owned was Rockwell tested, so the baloney about "soft metal" (which wasn't quite fiction, but wasn't anywhere near accurate, either) was only dealt with when and where it actually existed. L&B and a couple of engineering firms did the testing, so as not to waste money on parts and/or unnecessary re-treatment.

Of course, the earlier ones had some bolt issues with fit and headspace, too, being chambered rather more like a Kalashnikov than like a match rifle. Those I shot before having them treated, but almost entirely with Berdan primed (NO, not all Berdan primed ammo is corrosive!!) stuff. The sloppier chambers sometimes overexpanded brass almost as severely as an L7 or MG21 H&K. And I learned NEVER to try to reload cases run through those guns unless the owner had installed his own custom barrel.

The receivers were all at least decent, and dimensionally and contour-wise far closer to specification than any of the cast versions I've taken the time to measure and test.

But there were two or three distinct generations. Like the M1, the real ones, they got continuously better throughout their lives, and most I simply had Smith Enterprises re-heat most of the Chinese parts. I did do one of the early ones as an "all HRA" G.I. specimen except for the barrel, and had a U.S.M.C. anchor & globe particle displacement engraved on the rear receiver "horseshoe" to present to an old buddy. I'd not be replacing things until I KNEW there was an issue. Again: they evolved continuously. Most of the severely negative twaddle is bogus. A conversation with the folks who do the revised heat treatment on these and you'll realize, there were some where only the rear sight really almost always needed replacement.

The receivers really are forged, and the Chinese barrels were pretty solid even at the lighter weight and chrome lined.

They became more "inch pattern" and less "metric" as time and production wore on.

One issue: Oddments of the rear sight parts tended to be awful, and I don't recall ever retaining one with the original rear sight completely in its "as shipped" form. That's ironic, since there are now some very, very solid Chinese-made rear sights being imported whose overall quality is very close to the originals. Some claim concentricity and heat treat is actually better.

All in all, they were excellent receivers, and became pretty decent rifles.

And no, they were NEVER "M1A's"--only Springfield Armory, incorporated EVER used that moniker.

AGAIN: THESE ARE FORGED RECEIVERS, and dimensionally superb.

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Old 07-23-2019, 08:12 PM
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I own two. Both have new bolts. One has a GI barrel and one has the Chinese barrel still. Both are fantastically accurate and make me smile every time I shoot them. One I bought new in the 80s for $350. Best money I ever spent.
Jerry L.

Proud Son of Vietnam Vet '68 & '70-- Proud Son-n-law of WWII vet and POW
27 yrs Law enf / CMP customer / NRA Life member
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