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Old 01-08-2019, 12:11 AM
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Default Just an observation

I have only shot in two matches so far so take it for what itís worth, bout .02$
Mark says the cmp emphasis is / should be on the youth, and I agree but from my limited observations it seems to be lacking, and needs some attention, mainly from us as individuals. My kids loved the safs and would loved to have stayed the whole week of the Talladega 600 if we had all the right rifles / pistols for the job. Now here is where mr frugal shows up. I roughed out the numbers in my head what it would cost me and 2 or 3 of my kids shooting 3 or 4 matches with hotel cost, ammo, and thatís when my back got stiff and my pocket got tight. Match fees seem reasonable, they canít do it for free but the thought of roughly $900 to $1100 in expenditures is a tough pill to swallow. The way they give 2 hr range passes away when you buy a rifle, it would be nice if they gave a free entry at a d-day match or travel game. Maybe a kids first year or first 3 matches free. After that the hook is set and I believe you would see more young faces on the line. They have a way of reminding adults about what they want, and it would probably increase attendance. Judging by the people I have met the real losers in the match are the locals that donít attend. They have no hotel expense. May be more there than I realize, but everyone I met were from out of state. I invited a young adult to come with us, but looking back I should have told him he was going and I had already paid his way instead of just asking if he wanted to go. Just some ramblings going through my head.
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