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Old 05-02-2019, 02:18 PM
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Total Mess... Hummm I wonder if NRA ran this by rank and File...seems Not. As a DCM guy then CMP supporter Both CMP and NRA have declined...the SS is but a shadow of days gone by... ( Hope Orist is doing fine) . I tore up my NRA Membership in 1994 when they helped write the AWB Bill. If you have to pay Lobbyists to keep your Fading Constitutional Rights you have all ready lost the right. Frog in the Boiling water.
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Old 05-05-2019, 08:02 PM
champ0608 champ0608 is offline
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Originally Posted by Stork View Post
From my perspective, I would beg to differ with the choice of the NRA over CMP. As a Bullseye Shooter (I despise the label precision pistol), I go to the National Matches at Camp Perry. This year will be visit #8 at Perry. If the CMP will set up a 2700 the week of the EIC, NTI & Pres 100 matches, I would be there with bells on. The NRA is making a huge mistake moving the national matches away from Perry. I will not be attending any Bullseye national match that isn't at Perry.

No matter how they can try to dress it up, Attebury ain't Perry!!!! You don't go throwing 112 years of Camp Perry National Match history under the bus. Do they not remember the disaster 2 years ago. A lot of guys I shoot with didn't go, I didn't.

From what I've been told (unconfirmed), Attebury has only 66 points. Without considerable additions, far insufficient. It lacks housing capability for the numbers who normally attend the National Matches. NRA need to take the $4,000,000+ they intend on spending on Attebury & invest 1/10 of that on the turning target system at Perry.

OK, enough ranting. First post on the forum and I wind up being aggravated and upset about the subject. My apologies fellow shooters.

NRA Endowment member
Its my opinion that the NRA's moving from Camp Perry is their not-so-subtle way of killing off their programs. Last year I posted a thread "its time for the NRA to sell the CMP their trophies." I stand by that now more than ever. Those trophies have generations worth of history (my great-grandfather won a few NRA Championships in the 1930s) and I'm becoming more confident those trophies will just end up mothballed.

The CMP (in the case of smallbore and highpower rifle so far) has been keen to fill those NRA days on the Camp Perry schedule with matches of their own. They now host mid range, long range, and XTC championships that were better attended than the actual NRA Championships at Camp Atterbury. I'm sure the CMP is already making plans to fill the vacant pistol days on next year's calendar.

This ugly break up has run the course far enough. Its time to just hand it over to the CMP.

I'm a rifle shooter. Camp Perry is where competitive shooters belong in the summer. I'll see you all there.
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Old 05-06-2019, 09:03 AM
missilegeek missilegeek is offline
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Highpower, smallbore, and bullseye deserve a real, professional, sanctioning body. Something neither outfit is anymore, if it ever was. Published minutes, active competitors making up the rules committee (NRA almost has that, but too secretive), rules that aren't capricious (Monard) and constantly changing (MM, at the moment). That and if you ask for a competitor vote (NRA on returning to Perry for smallbore), don't toss it because it wasn't the answer you wanted.

Pity that'll never happen.
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