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Old 05-27-2019, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by New2Brass View Post
What holds the trigger back to initially fire?
How do you stop firing?

The receiver bridge may absorb all the firing pin energy
The trigger will hold the hammer back when it is not pulled back by the shooter. The sear will engage the hammer if the trigger is still held back and hold it. When the trigger is released the hammer transfers back to the trigger hooks. So, if the sear is missing, the hammer will continue to follow the bolt as long as the trigger is held back. Release the trigger and the hammer hooks will engage the trigger hooks.

Take your trigger group out of the rifle and try it. Pull the trigger and keep it held back and then bring the hammer back while the trigger is still back. Note that the hammer engages the sear, not the trigger. No sear, and it can't catch on anything. Release the trigger and recock the hammer. Note it engages the trigger hooks, not the sear.

Yes, the receiver bridge may impede this. I'm not suggesting someone try this, only that this may be how it was accomplished in the past.
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