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Old 10-11-2018, 01:34 PM
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Default TMP trip 09/28-09/29

My wife and I drove 14 hours down to the TMP from a little north of Chicago on 09/28 so she could run in the 5k Range Run on 09/29 and I could buy a rifle. I was hoping for a 1903 or an '03A3 with a second choice of an M1D or third choice a carbine.

Before opening I got the chance to meet several forum members. Once they opened the doors I quickly noticed there were no 1903's or '03A3's and went to work looking for an M1D. I had never actually handled one before so I managed to walk past 3 of them twice before I asked for help. I looked at the 3 on the table and picked on with a USGI stock drilled for a grenade launcher sight. I was unsure of my choice and again asked for help. I believe it was Bitten and rob30-06 that helped and suggest that I get a different M1D that had either a better muzzle or better throat reading and was also a SA 1.63 in the range where WRA overran the SA serial numbers. I put that behind the counter an kept looking around. I had no intentions of buying anything else but stumbled upon SA 6087877 marked with O-66 on the heel.

I had several people ask me about it telling me that they wanted it if I was not going to buy it. I already decided that I was going to get this instead of the M1D, I knew I wanted this O-66 to go with my SA O-65 2442486.

On the way out after buying the O-66 I decided to sign up for the race too since I figured I would not be shopping the next morning.

The next morning we arrived early for the race and I met a couple more forum members.

I jogged/walked the race, I made the mistake of jogging up the first hill and after that had trouble. I ended up finishing the race in a little over 51 minutes which was a bit of a disappointment but still an accomplishment considering my weight, my knees and the hills. Throw on top of that, I probably had not jogged in 8 or 9 years.

After the race I decided to take a look at the rifles to see if there was anything new stocked for the morning. Much to the annoyance of my wife, I ended up buying a second Garand, SA 2754135 with original 4-44 barrel. For this transgression my wife has banned me from buying any more guns for a year. I guess I'll have to wait until next September to finally get myself an M1D.

Unfortunately I did not get to see the South Store since it was closed for the weekend but I did get to meet a handful of forum members. I learned a lot from chatting with Bitten, rob30-06 and Paul (can't remember his forum name) all who also helped me in my selection of the M1D I did not buy and my new favorite rifle, SA 2754135. I got to meet PH68 and thank him for his store reports. Mturner23462 and I chatted a little on 09/28 as we both filled out our paperwork and I got to meet Alex (can't remember his forum name) right before the race then JustinandKim in line before the store opening on 09/29. I'm horrible with names and I can picture the faces of several other forum members I talked to who's names I can no longer remember.

Shortly after my purchase on 09/29 my wife and I headed back to the hotel then back to Chicago.

We are looking forward to the race next year and I hope to be more prepared and able to jog 100% of it. Since I don't think the GCA will be holding their annual meeting at the TMP next I doubt there will be special stuff for sale at the TMP but maybe I'll get to see the South Store.

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