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Old 09-28-2015, 07:26 AM
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Default Gca/eic - tmp

Just wanted to let all know how much my buddy & I enjoyed ourselves at the recent GAC & EIC activities at TMP. It was a first for both of us, that is attending a GCA Convention as well as visiting/competing at TMP.

We had a great time. To be honest, we joined the GCA a year ago in anticipation of attending this convention with the opportunities to experience it, see the TMP, compete and tour the Anniston CMP facilities. Now that it's all over, everything met & exceeded our expectations (except for Leon & his doughnuts...).

The TMP is absolutely gorgeous. A certain CMP employee took us on a golf cart tour of the facility the afternoon we arrived. We really wish we didn't live so far away. All the high power, shotgun & pistol facilities are extremely nice. We quickly realized we didn't bring enough guns! The tour really helped us get oriented for the following few days.

The clubhouse is fantastic. Having that facility really changes the game. I'm sure as things get worked out some other amenities will be included, but I for one found it very nice. Having the Creedmoor shop inside is a plus I'm sure for those that need ammo. Dennis & company continue to support our sport, which I'm thankful for.

The GCA member displays were amazing. I felt a bit overwhelmed, as I'm more of a shooter with a bit of collector "curiosity" than the other way around, but it was amazing to see the stuff guys have and brought. My highlight was the USMC Sniper collection & a serial # 142 M1.

We shot the VS, M1 and EIC Matches. The electronic systems work excellent. They've been upgraded to include a selection for .223/.30 cal. The range, for me, had a slight decline from the firing point to the 200/300, which was worth about a half minute. 600 was straight away. "Top" and Sara ran a good line. We shot the little end, the middle and the big end, no problems at all. Kudos to Top, trying to keep up with Leon is a job in itself, lol .... My understanding is there were a few sour grapes, but to me, they were unfounded. Timers are the same for everyone as well as the scoring times. My buddy & I talked about this on the drive down and home. We figure the good shooters will still be the good shooters at TMP. The problems come from the guys that can "fudge" the paper/pit and home ranges. There's no fudging at TMP. I really like it. Puts us all where we are, period. Thanks CMP.

The GCA dinner and speaker were awesome. The BBQ was the best I've had at any CMP event in the past five years, and I've been to more than ten of them. The speaker was excellent. If you missed this event, you missed a great one.

I'd like to thank the CMP & GCA. I don't know the GCA folks, so I can't name them here, but they put on a great event. On the CMP side they all were what I'm accustomed to at any of their events, which is helpful & pleasant. From Ms. Legerski all the way down to very bottom (Leon), they were great. That includes Jim, whom did our tour of the Anniston facilities, as well as Mr. Stone, Mark, Top, Don, Sara, Alfie and yes, as much as it sometimes pains me,.....even Leon. I even got the opportunity to briefly say hello to Orest, which was nice. I honestly always look forward to attending CMP events for the opportunity to compete as well as see these and other CMP folks, besides the shooting community friends I've made.

So at the risk of being too "mushy", I do have a few suggestions/opportunities for the CMP to work on, IMO.

First is I was very disappointed the CMP eliminated the "free" M1 re-barrel service. Not a biggie, but I waited for this event (instead of having it done at Butner & Perry this year) to bring my spare M1 as I thought it'd be "less crowded" and easier for them (CMP) to do. At TMP Chris said he would do so if I wanted it done and it'd be billed $75 through the Custom Shop. That sat with me pretty bad. Maybe I'm not being realistic, but it used to be a nice "perk" for competitors, I thought. It's not like we don't spend a lot, and I mean a lot of money to shoot in CMP marksmanship events. By the time one adds up the travel, vacation time, lodging, meals, entrance fees, ammo, rifles, etc., it becomes a real balancing act to stay out of divorce court... Sure would be nice to have that perk back. It seems kind of chincey on the CMP's part, but then again I don't how many barrel jobs they were doing. Guess I'll have our club's gunsmith do it for the $25 he charges us. It'd be easy to dismiss this as "he's/I'm cheap", but it's not so much about the cash. I don't know, as Sally said, it is was it is.

Second is the registration firing point assignment process. My buddy & I were sharing some equipment and told them so. The evening after registering we happened to discover on one of the matches (M1) we were at opposite ends of the range. We've been used to the outstanding process run at other CMP events so we almost forgot to check it. Glad we did, so they fixed it the next morning. No harm, no foul, just an opportunity for improvement which I'm sure they'll pick up as time goes on. During the EIC match there were a few that had been assigned to relay 3. Problem was, there was no relay 3. They got it fixed with a small delay as relay 2 was about to start. So for those reading this- just check your assignments at the registration counter and ask questions.

Again, all in all, a great event. I appreciate the opportunity to attend/compete. Without the CMP life just wouldn't be as much fun and I'd never have made the friends/acquaintances I have. God forbid, I could have taken up golf,.... yuk.

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