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Old 01-07-2010, 08:44 AM
campperrykid campperrykid is offline
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The M2 mag catches also do a much better job of stabilizing the magazine: That improves reliability and reduce parts wear. The older mag catches are becoming more & more valuable as collector parts. Sooner than later the M1 catches will be like flip sights and push safeties.
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Old 01-07-2010, 09:30 AM
.Steve. .Steve. is offline
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FROM KEEPSHOOTING WEBPAGE: "Our magazines have been designed with 100% reliability being our primary focus. We did not want to produce just another copy of the USGI magazine when we could improve on the original. Some of these features include: Magazine follower is a 15rd style follower rather than a "bolt-hold-open" follower. Any experienced M1 Carbine shooter will be able to tell you this is the key for reliable 30rd magazines."

I do not know what these Keepshooting magazines are. The info sounds like they make their own which means cheap American stuff. The info about 15 no hold open vs. 30 round hold open followers is bogus. The reason they use a cheap NO hold open follower is that it requires more stamping work and hardening so it does not split and tear. No one wants 30 round NO hold open followers and it has nothing to do with reliability. The ad text is a bunch of bogus fluff. I would avoid them.


The AIMSURPLUS Korean magazines have 30 round holdopen followers, come in a sealed barcoded bagette, and are marked "UU". The 15 rounders likewise come in an individual sealed barcoded bagette and have a 15 round follower and are marked "U".


It appears as though they currently have only the 15 rounders. Either has worked perfectly for me.


As to magazine catches, get and use a 3 locking surface M2 catch because it cuts down on the mag wiggle and cuts down on locking nub damage from wiggling. A M1 catch eats up the two rear locking nubs on the mag faster than the M2 catch with three support positions. The long magazines need the extra support both for reliability and to prevent mag damage.

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